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December 17, 2009
walkies? by ~zoiks81 "This piece amuses me no end, and I could swear that this piece was made with me in mind! A simple idea, but hilarious non the less. This piece has some good details as well as some rather dark humour of the dinosaur finally growing up to eat its owner. This makes me think that maybe wanting a dinosaur as a pet is not such a good idea."
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crunch crunch crunch, yum yum yum yum !
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thormanoftunder's avatar
That's what happens when you feed the government too much.
BH-Ouji's avatar
O_o so you're saying is, this can't be real?…
grisador's avatar
''' They grow up so fast.... Too much fast '''
Karalovely's avatar
TheropodHunter's avatar
That's why Theropods make bad pets XD
MartinOrtega's avatar
jajajajaja but it ate she whit love <3 
Kyflpa's avatar
dsagoa's avatar
Relevant because of Jurassic World! Very nice :D
AmeliaHalfDead's avatar
Never, EVER, get a dinosaur as your pet!!!

Stupid women!
Lokier-Ame's avatar
This pretty much sums up Chris Pratt's relationship with his raptors. XD
Or my Oc, Lokier, and her pet Utahraptor. :P
TFG1001's avatar
I'm sorry, someone's stolen this image.

Walking my T-Rex by PropheticKaiju  
str8te6's avatar
Why-why-why don't I have a tshirt like this?
demonicwolf7284's avatar
Well then remind me to never think of getting a t Rex as a pet ......again lol
SkyfireDragon's avatar
Visual aid to teach the kids about pet ownership! ;) (Wink) 
Saghaz's avatar
Make me laught :) Some people who buy tiger, lion for home should look at this ;)
str8te6's avatar
BoringRaccoon's avatar
nice pet ;P
he? she? IT os so sweet especially when IT eat her...xd
The harsh realities of owning a giant dinosaur. Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1] 
Laslo22's avatar
enjoy your meal he he
MitchFly's avatar
they grow up so quick
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