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Imagine the sensation, of having (what I think is) pudding pumped into you. As your belly bursts out of your leather suit, while your cheeks (face) puff out grabbing small amounts of air as you continuously consume the substance. Your muscle seems to fade with the tens, hundreds, no thousands of pounds added to your body and you have no idea how long you’ve been eating or will continue. Your thighs and butt become your seat from being so plump and you reach for your belly to real the sensation of growing. Then you feel the stretch of your leather suit upon your breasts and you wait excitedly for it to snap off and want nothing more then someone to burry themselves into your ever growing girth. You begin to realize you are in a tall white room with a one sided window above you, with a camera above recording everything. You begin to blush with excitement not knowing how many people are watching you. Wanting nothing, but MORE.

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Please sit on me :3
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I wonder what they're eating... Think it tastes good?
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So aquishy and hawt~
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When will the other ych come out? There was one before this one I thought
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She sure is hungry
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Big phat rolls to crush my soul!
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