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October 6, 2007
Labyrinth by ~zoggles - A History Lesson. This is a very, very old piece of amazingly well animated Isometric PixelArt from a deviant who is no longer visiting dA but this piece of work really should be featured for those who may not have seen it before. It runs over 591 frames of the smoothest animation you could wish to see. Something which looks so simple and yet is so incredibly complex.
Featured by ShoneGold
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A little cubic worm struggles his way through an isometric maze :) (Smile)
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Very nice. I wonder how easy would it be to make mini game from it. Will have to actually think of algorithms for drawing it :)
Kidpaddleetcie's avatar
And one year after that?
Not that hard with the knowledge I have now actually. Unfortunately this artist seems inactive, so that won't happen :|
99Souls99's avatar
Cute. I have been collecting your little cube gifs into a pixel folder. Nice!
GreenthingZZ's avatar
591 frames? WOW!! I thought my 300 frame zoo tycoon animation was impressive!!
yinwa333's avatar
theres not end XD
Raenafyn's avatar
it has no beginning and no end!!
Donaldy's avatar
Simply amazing!
Chappychan's avatar
*stares* Wooowww....XD *favs*
polygamous-parrot's avatar
StraightJacketPsycho's avatar
Awww!! Its so kyoot! It even does a little jump at the end!!! YAY!!
Tails-155's avatar
I must ask... how many frames? (sorry if this was already asked)
ScarletFoxNekoDragon's avatar have just hypnotized me...I can't stop staring at mesmerizing...@___________@ it kinda makes me feel claustrophobic...omg...GET IT OUT NOWWW!!! lolz :XD: XDD I must fave this...*still staring at it*
Pyzaland's avatar
Hah, funny and great ;>
KageRyu798's avatar
I was surprised when it actually got to the "end" because I didn't see the beginning! (I thought it would just keep going around the maze)
melvinawright's avatar
This is mesmerizing...
Teddyscares's avatar
I think ist cute :lol:
HannahCookie's avatar
Gezzyvee's avatar
if you ever find the need to keep someone hypnotized for several days, use this.
sp1ffy's avatar
Wow, what's wrong with you? Sick little nugget, trapping that poor and innocent creature in an impossible maze. Forcing it to crawl towards the same dead-ends over and over again... disgusting. You should be ashamed sir.
Aisho159357's avatar
This is very entertaining. lol. I could watch this for hours....
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