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I have a thing for green right now :P her dress used to be transparent pink :XD: but I turn it into yellow/green instead.

Cagalli © Gundam Seed-Destiny, Sunrise
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© 2006 - 2021 zoelee
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oh nice work in drawing cagalli! indeed cags made mistakes in gsd but she fixes them later on. i mean she isn't perfect but atleast she learns from her mistakes, fixes them and redeems herself and thus develops in character by becoming a strong leader and being independent, free and strong like she used to be and also matures and is confident now to protect orb all by herself...

atleast she is way better than shinn and athrun becoz her character develops unlike those too and athrun was a complete idiot throughout gsd too plus he makes more mistakes than cags and even attackes her...atleast cags cries for him and still loves him even if all he ever cared about was shinn, meer and those hawk sisters and is still with them at the end thus leaving cags again perhaps! and he learns the same lesson as he learned during the 1st war? so i don't understand why people still like athrun while bash cagalli and is it becoz he has shinn and the hawk sisters now:( cags made mistakes but learned something but what did that fool athrun learn anyway cuz he did the same things that he did in gs and learned that 'they fight for peace' again?!:( don't get me wrong cuz i still like that fool (athrun) or otherwise i wouldn't be an asucaga fan and personally, i think cags deserves someone like kira, not athrun who left her twice before and perhaps again too, but too bad kira is her brother or she needs a new boyfriend like kira in the movie!:)

wow sorry for ranting on too much. i felt like i needed to get this off my chest, phew, *relieved*, lol!:)

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didn't watch GSD so couldn't comment on her character's development. still think she was better suit with Kira than Athran even in GS, incest aside.[always want her to bitch-slap the hell outta Whiny Kira]
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hahaha lol at [always want her to bitch-slap the hell outta Whiny Kira]!!! yah i personally think kira and cagalli should've been a couple rather than athrun and cagalli and the way they met in ep. 1 of gs made me think that they'll be a couple but oh well, athrunxcagalli still rocks!!!but if kira and cagalli weren't twins, they would've been the ultimate couple of gs and gsd, lol!!!

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wow, simply beautiful! love the drawing!
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Cagalli with dress
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yay....!! cagalli....!!!!!! she's so cute...!!! wow that's awesome and great ob ......well done...!!!
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did you know there is a saying red shoes no undies!? lol i love it i just had to say that~ni
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never heard of that before! :giggle: now I know why she's blushing...heheh
thanks for the fav btw :love:
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yeah lol :) i love gundam seed (destiny) i own a couple of destiny dvds
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Cagalli looks beautiful here. Blah. Why couldn't she have gotten married to Athrun? Seriously....

*die hard fan of said pairing*

Irk-ness aside for that tidbit, I really admire this piece because of the talent. ^^
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lol~ I used to be AsuCaga fan as well.. they makes beautiful couple altho after awhile I kinda find their romance too convenience [cliche?] & I start to get annoy by her actions in the series also ^^; she can be such an airhead!! :XD:

thanks for the fav :)
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i love the colouring in this, the highlight in her hair is just right and i like the starkness of the red lacing against the pearly colour of her gown, the pose just adds to the delicacy of it all, its gorgeous :D
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awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... thats sooooooooooo cute(well i think it's cute) i love it. im going to fave this:heart:
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wah it's cagalli, and she looks so pretty here *.*
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Those are some massive boobies she's got there. I don't know how they stay in that dress of hers. Breats aside, I really like this piece. I love the sleeves and billowiness of her dress. I kind of want to know why she needs the outfit and where she's (seemingly) going in such a hurry. I see very few flaws overall.

On an aside, I often wish I could do the type of work you can in Photshop/Illustrator/whatever. Even when it has flaws, the coloring is always beautiful. You really are a skilled artist. Keep up the great work ^_^
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wow u being wholly observative :D I was gonna title the pic 'runaway bride' :XD: lol so how can she run in those high heels? [there's an unwanted marriage plot going on in the series so I was kinda into it alil' :XD:] so yeah that was suppose to be a wedding dress but since I change the colors.. it doesn't seem fit any more ^^;

thanks for the compliment :) I'm very much appreciated!! :hug:
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