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Wine 4 Pack

Packaging design for Uni. This was the most frustrating project to date, mainly in terms of construction and materials! The idea was based around the game of chess and I made the packaging come with a detachable chessboard as well as collectable bottle cap chess pieces.
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I love this. awesome work, great concept and overall beautiful product.
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i thought they were supposed to be for beer packaging design.
but great concept, very original. your projects sounds quite similar to mine back in uni :p
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Thanks :) yeah I used beer bottles since I wasn't able to get wine bottles at the time. But I recently edited a better picture of the design with wine bottles which I'm replacing this original pic with.
Did you study at Monash? That's where I did these projects :)
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oh cool!!
nah... monash is too awesome for me xD i studied at curtin, in perth australia (nothing fancy)
we got a project where we got to pick to do wine, vodka, or beer bottle packaging.
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I've never seen a wine four pack, but that design alone would make me buy one! Do I guess that the black bottles are for reds, and the clear for whites?
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Yeah the black is supposed to be red wine, I actually submitted the work in with the bottles filled! It was made with mainly water and coloured ink, and looks more like prune juice than wine in real life.
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Maaaaaaaaaaaan that is great!!! I mean, REALLY great :D!!!! good work!!!

What kind of drink are those? :3
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Thanks! It's supposed to be red and white wine :)
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Ooooh sexy!! :D looks really good!
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oh, dude, those are AWESOME.
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That is such a cool idea of having the collectible pieces and the detachable chess board. The design is really cool looking. I would buy it.
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glad you like it and thanks for the fave :)
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