The Cathedral of Dreams

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It was dark outside. Nothing could be seen beyond the lights of the Cathedral. Luckily it seemed that this night the Shadows, the inhabitants of darkness or, like we liked to call them, the Nightmares, were calm.

Someone touched my shoulder: -Myra, are you alright?-

I turned around. Behind me was one of my companions, Lucas. He was in charge of the memories. Every single dream is based on memories, memories from this and from other lives. Happy memories, sad memories, often nonsensical memories. And he was the one to choose them. Then he gave them to me and the others so that we could assemble them in the complex mosaic that was a dream.

-Yeah, I'm ok. I was just observing the darkness.-

Lucas nodded. When the Shadows attacked we had the task to protect the dreams, to prevent them from corrupting them. Those creatures... they weren't part of the mind of people, no, they were and, in the majority of cases, still are, outsiders, parasites. Nobody really knows where they come from but everyone knows that they seep into the psiche of people when they are still babies and their mental barriers are too weak. Usually, when we're not able to block them off they reach the dream we create and corrupt it, transforming it into a nightmare. But nothing more. Still, we all know that if we didn't manage to stop them they could take control, and God knows what would happen then.

-At this point they won't attack. Look, Fredrick is about to reach the end of the Stairway. They never attack after midnight.-

With my left hand I brushed the hilt of my sword and said: -Yeah, you're right, but until the clock strikes midnight they still can.-

Lucas sighed: -I know, but there's no need to stay here and wait for them. If they'll come Hannah will notice it.-

I thought about it for a second, then nodded and walked away from the entrance, closing the big door.

The shadows were actually really easy to see: their bodies could be as black as the night that encompassed everything apart from the Shores and the Sea, but they had one thing that betrayed their presence: their eyes. The mirrors of their souls were like many little lighthouses to us.

We walked towards the center of the cathedral, were the altar was. All around it were several comfy armchairs and, on top of it, was the dream we had created for that night. On one of the armchairs was sitting a man. He was wearing Victorian styled clothes and on the floor right next to him was a top hat. He was playing a violin. His name was Jacques and his job was to harmonize all the memories that composed the dream. His music had always been with us, every night, from the dawn of time itself you could say. Or at least, since the day this soul existed. Between all of us he was the wisest and the most respected. As music and harmony never die, he, who represents them, never once did. Those like me, Hannah and Lucas live as long as the person does and, when the soul comes back in the world of the living, we simply disappear. The Cathedral, the Sea, the Shores, the Captain and his Crew, the Pilgrim, the Warden, the Archivist, the Library, the Stairway, the Dawnbreacker Core never change, but we do, because we're just a projection of the soul.

But we're not scared. It was destiny but, most importantly, these are the Rules. We didn't make them, but we all respected them.

The bell tower stroke midnight. We all sat down on an armchair and observed the dream as it went by, we observed the memories that, one by one, detached from our mosaic and returned to the Library.

And we listened to Jacques' music, smiling.

Tell me, have you ever wondered where dreams come from, how they are made, or what causes nightmares? Well, maybe you'll find an answer here.
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