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This is a group featuring ALL types of Zodiacs and Astrology from cultures all around the world. We welcome all styles and mediums such as writing, sewing, photography, digital, etc! Join Zodiac-ology today!

Member Rules

Pixel: Yellow Star by apparateYou don't have to be a member to contribute art to the group
Pixel: Yellow Star by apparateMembers and non-members can suggest to the Featured folder
Pixel: Yellow Star by apparateAll join requests are automatically accepted
Pixel: Yellow Star by apparateAffiliate requests are reviewed first
Pixel: Yellow Star by apparatePlease be kind and considerate of others (:

Pixel: Sagittarius by apparateAll art is voted on before being accepted into the group
Pixel: Scorpio by apparateAll art is subject to removal or folder change if seen fit
Pixel: Libra by apparateAll art styles and mediums are welcome (writing, sewing, etc)
Pixel: Virgo by apparatePaid art is welcome
Pixel: Leo by apparateFinished art only please
Pixel: Cancer by apparateMature content is welcome
Pixel: Pisces by apparateNO works in progress (WIP's) or "art dumps"
Pixel: Gemini by apparateNO sketches (line art is welcome)
Pixel: Taurus by apparateIf your art gets removed you are more than welcome to ask why
Pixel: Aquarius by apparateDeviation submission limit of 3 per day for members and 1 per day for non-members

See something wrong?

If you can't submit to a folder this is a mistake. Send a note or comment on the front page and let us know. Also, if you spot some misinformation about the Zodiac and Astrology of any culture be sure to correct us!


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Templates, Brushes, Font, Resource
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Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry to say but no one volunteered as an admin, and the owner didn't reply and now I'm leaving the group as mentioned in January.
If anyone would be willing to try to pick up where I left you can contact Hikari-the-wolf

As passing message, I wish everybody a Happy, Satisfying, Balanced Year of the Golden Boar.
They say Purity, Practicality, Collaboration and Loosing Dead Weight will be especially important now.
But you can read up on it more in depth, also your unique sign combination is also something to consider.

Thank you for hanging out with us this far! =)
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I don't know if advertising is allowed but I thought I'd give it a try. I'm hosting a contest that members of this group might be interested in participating in.

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If advertising isn't allowed please kindly forgive me and feel free to hide my comment! Thanks bunches! :heart:
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I made a new Zodiac group for fans if anyone is interested in joining.  :) hope to get more members since we just started.
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Hello there! I was wondering if this group is still active? I'm interested in joining. I'm learning both Chinese and Western Astrology and I do know a bit of the signs here and there. ^^
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Do you include literature about the Zodiacs?
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