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... .... ... ehrm ... ilam :O (Eek)
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woww...i wish to stay in touch with your style...awesome work
Deborah-Valentine's avatar
i realy like your style! :heart:
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What can I say... absolutely GORGEOUS! +fav
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Well done. Love the look of it.
zoom's avatar
AY KARAMBA!!!!!!!!!! this is wicked i tottaly dig ur work +fav!! of course my new wallpaper!!!
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Fantastic as always. It's so smooth! *stares*

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wow, that is crazy. just plain crazy. i love it bro. +fav man...
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Concept: 8/10
Colours: 8/10
Linework: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

Comment: Damn man, this is fantastic! I was wondering if you could do any better than your previous submissions and you've just proven that you can. :) (Smile) I particularly like the linework here, I'm guessing the Pen Tool in Photoshop right? Well, you're incredibly talented anyway. You have an eye for what looks good. You've made it looks so futuristic, yet it still looks somehow ancient. The curves are a powerful feature in this deviation. Well done, this is an instant +fav . :) (Smile)
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The Interface master returns... :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin)

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Nice textures and shapes!
goddessofmoon's avatar
great great! I love it!!
thisismynicknam's avatar
Wow.....Excellent shape and form....Really, this is one of those pictures that just leaves me without anything meaningful to say except that, essentially, it kicks ass.
samanosuke's avatar
Yet another visually stunning wallpaper design from your already jam-packed gallery of fantastic creations. Aesthetically copasetic!
evee's avatar
very well done, my friend :D (Big Grin) I love this, as I love the rest Judge

your pics are all great but this one is awesome
miskis's avatar
this is beautifully done! i love the background texture with the smooth lines of the interface and globes!
anagoge's avatar
Looking very very nice. Almost worthy of a daily fave.
captainosaka's avatar
Damn thiat's nice. Great design.
puretaint's avatar
i'm loving the design here, and the texture, very nice..
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