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May 10, 2008
Condo Living Room by ~zodevdesign. Says MistressWit "This one is just phenomenal. Great lines, detailing and unquestionable realism and charm." I concur. Seriously - who wouldn't want to live here?
Featured by Bloodredsangre
Suggested by MistressWit
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Condo Living Room

Architectural Rendering created by ZoDev Design.

ZoDev Design Website Link:
Architectural Rendering
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© 2008 - 2022 zodevdesign
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very good rendering... I love the ambience
dt0098's avatar
very good!

gigbag's avatar
breizh87's avatar
Trés joli! bravo
ryb-benjamin's avatar
nice render bro.... great...
LikwitSnake's avatar
nice man :) how long did it take to make and render this scene?
hybridindustries's avatar
great work lorenzo you rock
truevampiress's avatar
OMG OK i figured it must be renderd because it was in the DD section and was like no way would they just add a photo of a room to a DD but if it hadent been for that i wouldnt have asumed it was a photo wow nice work and beautiful detail! and congrats on the DD
hiisin's avatar
that's a 3d rendering? damn, that's some great work. it looks so real.

i like the lay out of the room. it looks so relaxing.
grina001's avatar
wow, I thought this was a photograph, its completely flawless. What did you use to do this?
zodevdesign's avatar
3D Studio Max with Vray
MEmreSoyak's avatar
storyy's avatar
There's no way...

this is amazing.
I still think it's a photo.
But the category says otherwise.

AHH... it's amazing!!!
RustyCaffeine's avatar
I thought this was a photograph at first :) Nicely done! I'd like to live there if I was a virtual character.
65536's avatar
seems to be perfect
phyrinx's avatar
This is one of those that you look at and go, "No way! That can't just be a 3-D rendering!!! That's impossible!!!"

Great job.
stargazer420's avatar

... that's what I thought when I saw the category. Amazing!
Johnobo's avatar
holly shit oo'

awesome! speachless!
...I thought it was a photo...
DogzDaVinci's avatar
Wait, that's... digital???
Silver911's avatar
wow.. great design :)
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