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Jurassic World Raptor Dads by zoccu Jurassic World Raptor Dads :iconzoccu:zoccu 76 11 Elsa and a dolphin for my little cousin by zoccu Elsa and a dolphin for my little cousin :iconzoccu:zoccu 1 0 Pervert! (finished) by zoccu Pervert! (finished) :iconzoccu:zoccu 3 6 Saint Nicolas and Pere Fouettard ROTG style 2 by zoccu Saint Nicolas and Pere Fouettard ROTG style 2 :iconzoccu:zoccu 11 5 Hogfather / ROTG comparisons by zoccu Hogfather / ROTG comparisons :iconzoccu:zoccu 22 21
Hobbit Asterix 3
Chapitre 3: C'est le bain de Thranduil
Thranduil prend son bain avec seulement son diadème sur la tête, il fait ensuite signe à ses gardes de commencer à chanter. Ces derniers remplacent alors à contrecœur leurs armes par des tambourins sur lesquels ils commencent à frapper en même temps qu'ils chantent :
« C'est le bain de Thranduil,
Une eau pure et cristalline
Qui scintille et qui luit,
Et c'est aussi un jacuzzi. »

Thranduil lève alors un verre vide et claque des doigts.
Le serviteur à côté de lui comprend immédiatement et dit : « Le vin de Thranduil. »
Un autre serviteur répète un peu plus fort: « Le vin de Thranduil! »
Un dernier répète enfin sur un ton plus énervé: « LE VIN DE THRANDUIL ! »
L’échanson Galion accourt alors avec le vin qu'il s
:iconzoccu:zoccu 0 0
Hobbit Asterix 2
Chapitre 2 : Le pudding à l'arsenic
Le monstrueusement grand, gras et laid souverain des gobelins se tourna vers les nains que venaient de capturer ses sujets et se demanda :
« Que peut-on bien faire de vous ? »
« Torturons-les ! » cria un des monstres, une proposition appuyée avec enthousiasme par tous ses congénères.
« Non, non, ce sont des invités. Respectons donc nos devoirs en tant qu'hôtes et servons-leur à manger. Un peu de gâteau, qu'en dîtes-vous ? »
Les gobelins répondirent avec enthousiasme tandis que les nains étaient étonnés, voire soulagés pour certains, lorsqu'ils entendirent qu'on leur servirait à manger et non pas qu'ils seraient servis à manger.
« Du gâteau ? On ne s'en tire pas si mal ! » s'exclama Bofur en souriant tandis que son frère Bombur se léchait
:iconzoccu:zoccu 0 0
Hobbit Asterix
Chapitre 1 : Quand l'appétit va, tout va !
Bilbon Sacquet passait la pire soirée de sa vie.
Oui, pire que la dernière soirée à laquelle il avait été obligé d'assister avec les Sacquet de Besace, celle où Lobelia avait volé ses couverts en argent.
Au moins ses fichus cousins ne cassaient rien, pourquoi feraient-ils ça vu qu'ils comptaient lui voler ses affaires après tout ?
Et ils ne pillaient pas son garde-manger comme le faisaient les nains en ce moment.
Douze nains qui s'étaient invités au compte-gouttes chez lui, et le pauvre hobbit espérait sincèrement que Gandalf, qui était arrivé avec les huit derniers, n'en amènerait pas plus. Ces derniers avaient étalé des victuailles sur la table. Pire, encore, alors que la table semblait sur le point de déborder, ils continuaient de piller la réserve sans payer la moindre attention aux ordres de leur hô
:iconzoccu:zoccu 0 0
Beorn and Radagast playing chess by zoccu Beorn and Radagast playing chess :iconzoccu:zoccu 30 5 Beorn and Radagast by zoccu Beorn and Radagast :iconzoccu:zoccu 10 3 An Unexpected Encounter by zoccu An Unexpected Encounter :iconzoccu:zoccu 13 8 Sixty Years Later... by zoccu Sixty Years Later... :iconzoccu:zoccu 27 15 Azog and baby Bolg colored by zoccu Azog and baby Bolg colored :iconzoccu:zoccu 34 22
How Fili and Kili lost the ponies
"Watch the ponies."
Or the first task the youngest members of Durin's line had been entrusted with by their royal uncle on their quest to take back Erebor.
They definitely could not get more glorious than that, thought the two brothers while they were sitting in front of the ponies (nice but rather boring creatures). They could already picture the high deeds they would be remembered for in the songs:"Fili and Kili, sons of Dis, daughter of Thrain, son of Thror, ponies' watchers". And to think that their uncle had won the nickname Thorin Oakenshield in Azanulbizar when he was not much older than they are now.
In short, it was far from what they had in mind when they convinced Thorin, and more important their mother, to let them join the company so that they could prove their worth. Nevertheless,they were determined to complete this mission, especially after that stupid joke about orcs, anything but disappointing their uncle again.
So they won't t
:iconzoccu:zoccu 4 2
Radagast's Bunny Sled by zoccu Radagast's Bunny Sled :iconzoccu:zoccu 4 16 Ramsay meets Azog colored by zoccu Ramsay meets Azog colored :iconzoccu:zoccu 10 5


MARVEL - I'm Blue by the-evil-legacy MARVEL - I'm Blue :iconthe-evil-legacy:the-evil-legacy 133 21 Strana impressione by nanninanni Strana impressione :iconnanninanni:nanninanni 20 11 1989 Little Nemo: Character line up by filbarlow 1989 Little Nemo: Character line up :iconfilbarlow:filbarlow 98 35 Scrooge mcduck timeline by Sildesalaten Scrooge mcduck timeline :iconsildesalaten:Sildesalaten 75 35 Mr McD and nephew by TarontPainter Mr McD and nephew :icontarontpainter:TarontPainter 34 7 U Is For Unbelievable by OtisFrampton U Is For Unbelievable :iconotisframpton:OtisFrampton 219 21 Shirts of the Silmarillion by wolfanita Shirts of the Silmarillion :iconwolfanita:wolfanita 173 71 Tintin : Les cousins de Bruxelles by Bispro Tintin : Les cousins de Bruxelles :iconbispro:Bispro 44 25 Young Indie by illgnosis Young Indie :iconillgnosis:illgnosis 40 12 [Legend of Chu and Han]Liu Bang by Wavesheep [Legend of Chu and Han]Liu Bang :iconwavesheep:Wavesheep 959 37 Zootopia-Blacksad Crossover by FabianCobos Zootopia-Blacksad Crossover :iconfabiancobos:FabianCobos 191 28 Snow, snow... by Pikku-Piru Snow, snow... :iconpikku-piru:Pikku-Piru 14 11 Luke and Baby Ben by CaptBexx Luke and Baby Ben :iconcaptbexx:CaptBexx 787 45 Discworld sketchdump - Small Gods by StormBay Discworld sketchdump - Small Gods :iconstormbay:StormBay 14 6 DC Marvel Civil War Deathstrike Poster (Fan-Made) by MrVideo-VidMan DC Marvel Civil War Deathstrike Poster (Fan-Made) :iconmrvideo-vidman:MrVideo-VidMan 5 0 Absinthe and Delacroix by coda-leia Absinthe and Delacroix :iconcoda-leia:coda-leia 132 13



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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Current Residence: somewhere in France
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Celtic music, Italian music
Favourite photographer: Robert Doisneau

I'm also on and tumblr:…


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wolfanita Featured By Owner May 20, 2013   General Artist
ladyeri Featured By Owner May 7, 2013  Student Photographer
Thanks for the fav, man. Somewhere in France? Vague, but cool:) I'm part French-Canadien.
zoccu Featured By Owner May 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome ^-^. More precisely I'm from Lorraine (on the german border). So, you're part French-Canadian ? Nice :). From where exactly ? Quebec or somewhere else ?
ladyeri Featured By Owner May 8, 2013  Student Photographer
My ancestors came to Quebec. They were supposodly explorers,which I think is pretty cool personally...My great-grandfather came to America, that's why I'm American now.
Lorraine? Do you speak German? Europeans often seem to be bilingual and I only speak 1 1/2 languages. Oh, and I understand a bit of japanese, but it's all from anime, so pretty useless:P
zoccu Featured By Owner May 8, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Interesting :). And to answer your question, despite having German ancestors and living practically on the border, no ^_^;. And most of those who learned German at school where I come from would be pretty useless in Germany (mainly because most of them were forced to take this language by their parents, so they were less than enthuastic about learning it...). About bilingualism, it's true for most European countries except for France, we have indeed a not-entirely-undesserved reputation for not being good at foreign languages. As for me, I speak and understand English, given it's been my first language in highschool and college, and Italian because my motherside family is Italian and I see my cousins frequently (though I lack vocabulary in some fields compared to English (courtesy of a particularly sadistic teacher who made us learn the entire French-English vocabulary book in the first year of college)). Concerning the use of anime to learn Japanese I don't think it's that useless, after all I progressed in English significantly when I started reading books and watching movies in the original version. Finally, thank you very much for sharing a bit of your family's history with me. By the way, when you say you speak one or two languages, is French included ? And if yes, is it French-Canadian or Metropolitan-French ?
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Wilkonrad Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013
Thank you for the fav!
zoccu Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome !
Wolf-Fanatic99 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2013
Welcome to #TheHobbit-TBA~
:bulletblack:We hope you enjoy the group!:bulletblack:
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Thank you muchly for the fav!:D
zoccu Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome ^^
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