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I want to thank all of you, watchers, those who left a comment, those who add pics to their favs and all those who have simply seen my stuff, it really means a lot for me.

As resolutions, I plan to do more Discworld related stuff, more Dante and Virgil comics, and I promise that some day you'll see the rest of the comics based on Six villains and anti-heroes, I'm just working on the storyline before posting and it takes a long time, the same concerning my fanfictions, I plan to finish them, don't worry, but I won't post the rest until I'm happy with the story. And I'll add some franco-belgian related fanarts to my gallery, I think I'll do something based on De Cape et de Crocs and Les Sept Vies de l'Epervier (The Seven Lives of the Sparrowhawk).

Now I must really go back to my studies, so have a nice day and thanks again !