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Hogfather / ROTG comparisons by zoccu Hogfather / ROTG comparisons by zoccu

Hogfather / ROTG comparisons

Before anyone says anything, I want to make one thing clear: I am not accusing ROTG of plagiarism, I wouldn't even think about it.

I just thought about some similarities between ROTG and Hogfather, but aside from that the stories are very different and both are among my favorite (as film adaptation and book for Hogfather and movie for ROTG, I've heard it ws based on books but haven't read them).

It's also an old project (I had the idea rigth after seeing ROTG in theater!) that took a lot of time to realize but here it is. I'm especially happy with Jack and Pitch, Susan has been more tricky and so were the kids since I'm not used to draw them.

Careful, do not read further if you haven't read Hogfather, there will be some spoilers.

Let's see:

1) Both stories have a white-haired hero (well, mostly white-haired for one).

Jack Frost and Susan Sto Helit, I know she has some black hair but she still has mostly white hair.

I also put a sketch of my first version of the encounter, a more agressive one as you can see.

2) Both of them love children.

Though in very different ways, Jack has fun with them while Susan teaches them.

3) And both figth the boogeyman.

Though they are not exacty the same threat on Discworld, here Pitch is defeated like them with a poker and a blanket, if that was the case I guess Jack (and the others) would be pretty pissed off at the Man in the Moon (that's supposed to be him) for not telling them about it.

4) Both stories have very unusual and badass Santas...

Let's see, in ROTG Santa Claus AKA Nicholas Saint North is badass tatooed russian santa with two swords, on Discworld the equivalent of Santa Claus is Hogfather (who's represented with pig-like features in the movie adaptation, hence his weird look here) who's been replaced by Death himself when he disappeared, so Death still counts as a very unusual Santa.

5) ... who have grumpy elves.

Albert, servant of Death, played an elf.

6) Both stories include the tooth fairy and the boogeyman.

I think Pitch and Toothiana (the tooth fairy) would be quite shocked to see who is their counterpart on discworld.


On Discworld, there are many boogeymen and toothfairies but the original boogeyman and tooth fairy are the same person. The boogeyman realized that children had worse than him to fear and decided to protect them by taking away their milk teeth to keep them safe. They could be indeed used to control the children (read: their beliefs) by magic, which is exactly what Teatime tries to do.

7) In both stories, many tooth fairies are working for the original one.

The Tooth Fairy in ROTG uses little fairies who look like a cross between a hummingbird and a human (with a beak-nose) while the Tooth Fairy from Discworld employs young women to do the job, here's one of them,Violet, who's about to put a coin in exchange for a tooth that has already been taken by a ROTG fairy.

8) Finally, both stories have a villain entirely dressed in black with creepy eyes...

Teatime is an assassin who spends his freetime trying to think of ways to kill anthropomorphic personifications so I don't think Pitch would feel good about having him near.

About the eyes, you can't see it here but Pitch has yellow eyes and Teatime has one normal eye while the other is entirely black.

9)... who steal children's milk teeth as part of their evil plan.


For Teatime it's explained above, as for Pitch he stole the teeth from the Tooth Fairy in order to control the children's beliefs.

Disclaimer: I don't own ROTG or Discworld, they belong to Dreamwork, James Joyce and Terry Pratchett and I'm not paid fort this.

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han44droma Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2014
Two things: Susan forgot the third choice (the voice) and Mister Teatime is not the real villain in Hogfather. That dubious honour belongs to the Auditors of Reality.
zoccu Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The third choice? What are you referring to? (it's been a long time since my last reading of Hogfather so I have likely forgotten some things.

About the villain in Hogfather, true, the Auditors did start the whole thing by asking the Assassins' Guild to eliminate the Hogfather and thus are antagonists but I don't see how Teatime is less of a real villain. I know he's not the only one but he's still among the main antagonists, is present a lot more than the Auditors in both book and movie nd was planning to kill anthropomorphic personifications anyway. Finally, I choose him here mostly to illustrate some similarities between him and Pitch for fun.
han44droma Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2015
The two children Susan cares for in the Liveaction adaption ask her to do 'The Voice' as she disposes of the Bogeyman at the beginning.
zoccu Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, that "VOICE", with the context it's clearer.
han44droma Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2015
The best scene was as Death rescued the little match girl. "You're not allowed to do that." "THE HOGFATHER CAN. THE HOGFATHER GIVES PRESENTS. THERE IS NO BETTER PRESENT THAN A FUTURE." (The capital letters are Death speaking.)
BarbedXSkullXCap Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2014
Glad I'm not the only one who noticed the similarities! Hogfather also had echoes of the Nightmare Before Christmas to it, though I'd say it has far more in common with Rise of the Guardians. Hogfather has the best of both those movies (well, save the absence of Oogie Boogie, that guy's awesome!) Plus more originality, fantasy, and the addition of a badass heroine (Susan).

I think RotG must have been influenced by Hogfather; they both have magical teeth that the villains steal, the weakening of fairy tale figures due to diminishing belief, and even the Boogie Man's backstory in RotG is the same as the Boogie man in HF (though the one in HF wasn't the villain).
zoccu Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Judging by some other comments I've read here, you're indeed not the ontly one who noticed that. As for Hogfather and the Nightmare before Christmas I've seen that some others pointed out the similarities too. Well, I don't have a favorite between the three, I love them all.

I don't think so but that would a question to ask to the creators, the similarities seem mostly superficial but it was indeed the link between teeth and belief that made me start these comparisons.

Concerning the boogeyman, it seems to me that they are very different in their backstory since Pitch wants to be believed in because he wants to be feared while the other wants to protect children and is only seen by them as the toothfairy, and they are many boogeymen on Discworld for the more traditional role.

Thank you for the comment, sorry I've been a little late to answer.
xarockolipsekittenx Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
    . . . you got me . . seriously you got me O.o however differences, ROTG doesn't have a Wizard an lackies with the said Villlian, RTOG doesn't have Death . . The Boogyman is masquerading as the Tooth Fairy
zoccu Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
... And one story takes place on a round world while the other takes place on a disc-shaped one, let's not forget that ^^.
xarockolipsekittenx Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
BlackBeeNo3569 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014  Hobbyist
This thing has been missing in the world for a long, long time... Thank you!

And the last one is just hilarious :)
zoccu Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm blushing right now... Blush. Thank you so much!

It's indeed surprising that not many crossovers between Hogfather and ROTG were made, although I remember seeing on DA a drawing showing Pitch and Susan together that was rather funny, unfortunately I can't remember who made it.

Glad you like it, one can wonder how Pitch manages to dance on a pile of teeth without falling or getting into the teeth up to the waist :).
BlackBeeNo3569 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014  Hobbyist
I've seen one or two pictures so far on this topic, so yup, it's surprisingly rare... Especially considering that while I really enjoyed the movie the familiar theme combination teeth-belief-boogeyman-santa-toothfairy and so on was kind of omnipresent. Not to mention that whole belief-dependence philosophy of rotg and it's comics is very well explained not just in the Hogfather but in Small Gods, too :)

But I wouldn't complain. I'm much more okay with belief-nurtures-spirits background than with they-are-all-space-aliens stuff I think :D

Any yup. He's a talented guy XD
zoccu Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
True, about that I've found the fanart I was talking about:…

Yes, the theme is very well developed in these two books (two of my favorites, though it's quite hard to pick which book you love the best in this series).

Well, they do need this a lot in the movie, moreover, it seems to me the movie shows very well how quickly children stop believing in every imaginary creature once one has been proved not to exist (most of the time it's Santa Claus, I think, well it was for me at least).

Space-Alien? You mean the guardians' origins in the books? (I read a quick summary).

And he's not human, which helps :D!

Thank you so much for this answer ^^!
BlackBeeNo3569 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014  Hobbyist
Thanks for the link :D

I have always stayed with The Interesting Times as my favourite book but I agree with you. It's very hard to pick just one. I've never been much of the fan of the Hogfather, even though I enjoyed it anyway, but Small Gods is definitely one of the classics to me :) It had much bigger influence on my spiritual development than I would like to admit for a mere fantasy book :D

Yes, I meant the Guardians of Childhood books. I also read only the summaries and... I can see why the writers of the movie took the inspiration from somewhere else... -_- I really like the mythology behind the fairy tale creatures and maybe it's the fact that William Joyce is American or maybe not, but the GoC backstories are... simply stupid. Unrelated to anything. And much less interesting than the actual origins of Santa, the boogeyman and everyone else. 

Being lost among the pages of my final paper right now, I'm happy for every escape from it, so... you're welcome and thank you for topic :D
1999MarvelTeen Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
That was entertaining and hilarious.
zoccu Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you :D!
LiessaSaschura Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014
This is really great, I love your depiction of the characters :3
And I hadn't even thought about these parallels but now you mentioned them they're kinda obvious...maybe that's why I liked both of these so much? xD
zoccu Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you!
Maybe ^^.
Annqueru Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014
-Love- number 6 :D
zoccu Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Glad you do, it was the first thing that came to my mind for the comparison.
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