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Discworld gorgons Sketches by zoccu Discworld gorgons Sketches by zoccu
Discworld Gorgons sketches

some very quick sketches I made while writing and looking for ideas about my fic A Gorgon in the City Watch, I'll post the rest of it some day, don't worry, I just need to picture the whole story before.

Here some characters that should appear in the rest of the story, unless of course if I change my mind, I'll post better versions of them later, all of them linked to Iskandra.

See these deviations to get more more information on the character and her story :


(1) This one is the first version I did for Iskandra's aunt, the first gorgon who tried to live the way of the humans (to preserve her kind from heroes and because they'll have to deal with humans more and more often since they're expanding and that turning everyone into stone doesn't appear as the best solution to her (this happened a long time ago)), which Iskandra's mother, her sister, strongly disapproved of, pretending to be one of them thanks to her clear brown skin, a default of pronunciation (she doesssn't speak like thisss), sunglasses and a veil. It will of course end up tragically when they'll accidentally find out what she really is, she'll not survive because she tried to talk to them instead of just taking off her glasses. I'll explain more precisely what happened to her when I'll wrote about the character, I'll maybe name her Cassandra and I'll eventually change her look.

(2) (3) (4) (6) (7) (13) All these are sketches for Iskandra's twin sister (I made only the face for three of them), a pretty hot-tempered gorgon, who doesn't want to deal with humans and has cut all link with her sister since a long time because of her choice to follow their aunt's path, but some circumstances will lead her to meet her sister again (Yes, I have some ideas about the circumstances but I don't want to spoil everything already !). I think I'll name her after one of the three Furies or Erinyes from classical mythology: Alecto (unnameable), Megaera (grudging) or Tisiphone (vengeful destruction). With these name you can only expect a nice character, right ? (I didn't say evil, unless of course if I change that later...).

(7) Here's a confrontation between the two sisters, I know the snakes look weird, in all these pictures, but I draw it quickly in a finalized version they would look better.

(5) I tried to make Iskandra as a kid pretty quickly.

(8) (9) (10) (11) (12) And these are sketches for male gorgons, yes, you heard me: I plan of making gorgon a species on Discworld and not only three female specimen like in mythology.

First I thought of making them them with snakes on their head, like the female, but I think I'll end up making them bald like in this sketch (11): they 'll be even more different from the females that way.

As you can see, they look less humans than the females with their big but still reptilian eyes and their snake-like nose, and their baldness if I decide to keep this characteristic. Another difference I plan to make between them and the female are the fact their eyes wouldn't turn people into stone, instead they would have poison and kill by biting, contrary to the females who are not poisonous (eyes that can turn you into stone is already enough for me).

I also think I'll make them live separated from the females: they would live underground and the females in swamps and they would meet only for reproduction, and female gorgons would give birth to three kids: two females and one male who normally leave the swamps pretty early, in consequences, gorgons don't know anything about romance (which doesn't mean they know nothing about love: they do care for their offsprings and family), this separation between the two genders also leads people on the Disc to believe that the whole species is female since they've never seen the males, that's why I mostly plan on keeping males bald: that way, people would never think of making the connection between them and gorgons.

But there's an exception among male gorgons: Iskandra's brother that you can see here (8) (9) and here (10) in what I think will be closer to his definitive appearance. He left very late the swamp of his mother and decided to come back after living alone for a while, revealing himself too weak to live among the other males (did I mention they often fight between each other, mostly for females ?), which had never happened in the history of this race (most of the time the weakest were simply killed but he succeed to escape the other males), his most ill-tempered sister despises him because of that. I haven't find a name for him yet.

That's all for the moment, and remember: everything can still change, and don't worry I'll write the rest of the story.

Disworld and even the idea of a gorgon in the Watch are not mine, they belong to Terry Pratchett and I'm of course not paid for this, but this version of the gorgons is mine.
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