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Day 28 entry for the Newbie Artist Training Grounds II at Equestria Daily.

It's true for all unicorns!


Okay, this is the most bizarre thing they've made me do.

The task was to "Draw a pony moving on/Draw a pony charging", I was lazy so I took the 2nd lamest pun. I animated it to spice it up tho! =P


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Apparently someone did turn this into a GIF: [link]
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LOL that is good
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I WOULD BUILD MY SELF THAT!!!!!!!!! and uhh how did you animate like that?
>8/.... Mah phones almost dead! Hurry up!!
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zajcufan123's avatar
when you wanted to usw your friend as a charger
coldtoon's avatar
twilight computer case make it happen
Thank you. I love it.:) (Smile) 
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I have been staring at this for at least a half-hour. I still do not know what to think.
Darksunrise957's avatar
XD OMG, this is hilarious!
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What does that say on the power outlit... FRIENDSHIP?! Did you... Oh my gosh Easter egg found.
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For some reason the noise HEV chargers make in Half-Life or Black Mesa come to mind.
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This deserves a first place in something. 
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okay this is to funny LOL
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so that's how she's so op....
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HAHA. This is fantastic! La la la la The idea with the horn is simply brilliant, although I'm probably not gonna be able to un-see that from now on :D

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No, what's fantastic is your emblem.
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I need an App for my Mobilephone. If I am charging my Phone this needs to be my unlock screen.
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