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Casted Aside

So when As Crônicas de Wesley made that one comic, I knew I couldn't ponify it less than twice!

Script by :iconlittlecolt:


EQD Feature!

Dubbed by Scribbler!
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more of twixie please!!
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 Sic semper Twixie.  :'(
Sunlestia approves.
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Lol, that was funny.
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Twilight's triggered mode = SCARY

:XD: :XD:
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Oh, there goes my grammar trigger - "Casted" is an incorrect form of this verb. "Cast" has the same form in past simple and present perfect. That's why the movie title was "Cast away" not "Casted away".
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I didn't name it "Casted Away", the guys at EQD did.

Anyway I can't find any evidence supporting your claim of it being an incorrect form. It may be a "preferred" form, but not incorrect.

Here's a link:…
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You named it Casted Aside, which is still incorrect (Cast aside or cast away, it's still "cast"). Your link shows that "casted" is an archaic, obsolete form and its incorrect usage is getting more common in the world where everyone and their mother knows some English.… in this webster's dictionary entry, cast is used in past tense. No "casted" in sight.
in this oxford www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries… dictionary, cast is the only acceptable form - click on "verb forms" and see there is no alternative, unlike .e.g for the word "spill" www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries… - there are alternative forms.

You can even find a story about Mike Pence using "casted" in a tweet and deleted it after he realized his mistake, with Webster's dictionary clarifying that "casted" is indeed incorrect…
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Exactly! Archaic, obsolete and commonly used incorrectly. That's the feel we were aiming for when naming the comic. Good to see someone gets it! :D
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Simply delightful.
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Thank you, mate.
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harsh much twilight
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What if it was Celestia all along?
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We need a standalone pic of the Celestia-Sun-Face! Or have it spammed everywhere!
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And THIS is why Starlight is her teacher xD

Well, this was... surprisingly NOT dark at all. I'm feeling a bit conflicted here... :sweatdrop: revamp v2 

Princess Luna Worried "Oh dear... Was she seriously hurt?"
:iconcelestiaohplz: "She's fine. Fortunately, her ego broke much of the fall..."
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I guess how dark a murder is perceived depends on the murderability of the victim. Ahaha! :p
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