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NBC's 'Community' fanart! (Exhibited in the Six Seasons and a Movie art show this summer in LA!)

I wanted to draw a scene that somehow contained the essence of the series, that these characters meet through chance (and a desire to improve their Spanish) and end up having this huge impact on each other. I love that about Community, it's one of those shows with a big heart.

Check Redbubble if you want a print… :)
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I love this one.
Can you please make shirts of this?  I will guarantee you at least one sale if you do.
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I LOOOOOOOVE community, and this pic, shows that although Abed can be seen as the social outcast, it proves he has something greater to offer, like imagination and wonder, adventure etc. And although Annie is smart and driven it takes Abed to get her to expand her mind. Awesome piece, well done!
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I wish I could have this on my ipad mini case. That's how nerdy I am. That's how much I love this :) <3
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I feature your wonderful deviation here
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dont worry im the nurse. the doctor is on breakWho's in the tardis? 
awesome dude thanks for the timeline photo :)
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:O Ooooh, that's brilliant!! :clap: I love the show and you did a brilliant job capturing the mood and the message of the show! Simply amazing!! :heart:
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I don't know if you're aware of this or not, but thought I'd let you know your piece is being used by a page on Facebook (it is Community related). Just in case if you'd prefer permission or something.

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I love this so much! I'm so tempted to get a print!
I think this is my favorite piece of fan art! I love it! It's filled with emotions! Fantastic!
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Greatly illustrated :D totally love it
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Ooooh! So cute! :D Lovely fanart! ;)
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little annie adderall
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I love how you did this :) I mean the drawing of coarse but how you spoke to so many tones of the show!
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I love the narrative, illustrative quality of this image. You've taken a moment from a brilliant show and added so much more beauty to it! Fantastic work!
Undoubtedly the most beautiful community fanart ever. Keep it up.
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I love it thank you for a new desktop!
I want you to know I bought this, framed it, and put it on the wall over the fireplace of my new house. It is beautiful and amazing and reminds me other all the wonder in the world. Thank you.
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Lovely illustration here. :)
Cool. Cool cool cool.
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