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Weekly Gems is a series of articles that take a look back at what has been submitted to the Resources Gallery during the last week by our wonderful Resources & Stock image community.As the Gallery is quite large the articles focus on Specific sub categories of the gallery.

Now,lets take a sneaky peek at just a small selection of the Application Resource Gems given to us to play with by our fabulous Resource providers.:iconeagerplz2:

Resources & Stock Images

:bulletblack: Gallery Info: Resources submitted by deviants for others to use in their own works and/or to learn from.
These are intended to be used as a whole or part of your creative designs.

Application Resources

Resources & Stock Images > Application Resources.

:bulletblack: Gallery Info: Application resources for various Applications.
Files,plugins & presets that can be imported into your creative image editing programs.

Photoshop Actions

Dreamy Effect Action by FTorresi:thumb113521816::thumb112911000:
My first actions by Kravu:thumb112513187: movie effect action by x0xAikox0x

Photoshop Brushes

Swirls and Dots 11 brushes by reno-fan-girl photoshop Brushes Pack 2 by Goldarcanine Fractal Art Brushes V1 by Allanio
Big Weird Flower Brushes by gabijax Grunge Brushes 04 by silver- Face People Brushes Nine. by xTIFFOHHx Brush Set 65 - FloralOrnaments by punksafetypin
Flowers brushes by stardixa-resources:thumb112547548: Branch Brushes by joannastar-stock
:thumb113624459::thumb113284149: Grunge Brushes by psychicmind

Photoshop Custom Shapes

Shapes - Petals - 1 by resurgere istanbul by ademmm

Photoshop Gradients!

43 Gradient Varieties by Liasmani 40 Gradients: HatobaNezumi by Urceola
:thumb113067873: Colors Gradients by mustafanesil

Photoshop Patterns

:thumb113483983: Tiffany Patterns by pica-stock by pica-stock
My Floral Pack 4 U by tambraxx 13 Fishnet Patterns by Cayotica

Photoshop PSD Files

Business Card Template 2 by An1ken Banner PSD by Flexeon:thumb113077039:
Under Construction by buritikid:thumb113684875: Text Pack Completely Unmerged by theCasualties

Paint Shop Pro Brushes

From the sky brushes by stardixa-resources
hand made brushes by zielonakupa miscellaneous brushes by zielonakupa


Dressup Games for Beginners by miminem Flash Smart Car - Free Resourc by Bacoben Buttons Pack by Lorwynne

Corel Painter

Suddenly BRUSHES by IronShrineMaiden

Gimp Actions!

_OLD_  Paper Texture Script by Naeddyr

Gimp Brushes!

Stern brush by Sinister-Teddy Bubble Brush by Pennyh02 NJSmokyJR's Grunge Brushes by NJSmokyJR
sakura brushes by ayaan GIMP Copyright Brushes by savvy-stock

Illustrator Brushes


Cinema 4D

Disturbed Material Pack by AKLP C4D Material Set 12 by JDLuxe C4D Material Set 11 by JDLuxe
Ocean texture -Shader based- by Black-Raven546 Render Update - New UI by Black-Raven546

For more droolworthy Resources goodness just browse...

Browse > Resources & Stock Images


:bulletblack: Images that are completed works,they would go into their respective galleries,depending on which artistic genre you have used.
:bulletblack: Desktop Screenshots as long as they are valid Desktop screen shots,icons,signature banners.These belong in Browse > Customization under their respective sub categories

FAQ #578: What does DeviantArt consider to be a proper desktop screenshot?

Unrefined work,sketches,quick snapshots,webcam pictures,homework,memes belong in Scraps.

FAQ #242: What are scraps?

:bulletblack: Of course if you are ever in doubt as to where to place your submissions you are always welcome to contact any of our Gallery moderators or you can use this image below as a guide.

Submit to the Right Gallery by joannastar

Policy Violations,Rules & Credit!

:bulletblack: Actions: Preview images that come from celebraty sites,TV fan sites and forums are not accepted.If you wish to use an image for your action previews they are to come from viable Stock and be properly credited,if they are not of your own creation.

:bulletblack: Brushes,Psd's,shapes,patterns etc,are to be created from your own artistic efforts.
using web search engines such as Google,misc forums,popular illustrated characters,cartoons,magazine scans and screen shots are not legitimate sources for creating these applications.Neither the use of graphics from stock sites,unless you have specific written permission from the original artist.
As these resources are found they will be reported to our CEA team and risk removal as violations to our policies for re-distibtion of copyright content.

:bulletblack: Please respect the guidelines for use of any Resources that you use and follow the credit guidelines laid out by each Resource provider.
Rules vary from account to account so it is advisable to read through them and contact the account if there is anything you are unsure of.

FAQ #193: How do I prove that I had permission to use someone's work?
FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?
FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?
FAQ #257: What sort of permission do I need to use someone else's work?

:bulletblack: Resources Forum</a>

:bulletblack: :#Resources:

Resources stamp by KatiBear

:heart: :community: :heart:

Hanratty-Stock Stamp by UnicornReality LawrenceDeDark Stamp by Thiefoworld znow-white stamp by Thiefoworld
dA Stockers A - Z Directory by FantasyStock

Resourcefully Yours / Weekly Gems /12/Fractal,Font & Video Resources!
Resourcefully Yours / Weekly Gems /11/ Textures
Resourcefully Yours /Weekly Gems/10/Literature Templates,3D Model & Vector
Resourcefully Yours /Weekly Gems/9/Tutorials
Resourcefully Yours /Weekly Gems/8/Application Resources
Resourcefully Yours /Weekly Gems/7/Fractal,Font & Film
Resourcefully Yours /Weekly Gems/6/Textures
Resourcefully Yours /Weekly Gems/5/Lit Templates,3D Model & Vector
Resourcefully Yours /Weekly Gems/4/Tutorials
Resourcefully Yours /Weekly Gems/3/Application Resources.
Resourcefully Yours /Weekly Gems/2/Fractal,Fonts & Video Resources
Resourcefully Yours /Weekly Gems/1/Textures.
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Thank you for the feature!
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thank you for the feature:hug:s
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Thanks for featuring me x3
and cool resources too :dance:
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thank you so so so much for this!

i hope you liked my Floral Pack!

Now, i'm thinkin' of another gift to the dA community!

again, My many thanks to all who appreciated....

God Bless!!
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Thanks for the feature! :D
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Wonderful features Z!!!! :heart: :hug:
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Thanks for the feature in here!
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Thanks for the feature! i forgot to thank you omg how bad!
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*spanks you with luffs :heart:
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oh, thank you so much for the feature :cuddle:
the others look cool, too :D
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btw ... that chat thing is really confusing... i have never chatted before, you know ;)
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Can be a little odd at first but I think you did extremely well,stick with us and we will teach you the ways.:D
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haha... if you say so ;p
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