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Brought to you by your Friendly Neighbourhood Gallery teams:

Resources: Skullalicious bleedsopretty Tall Dark and Mysterious  LawrenceDeDark and Choccafluff'nstuff znow-white

Stock: Zappy uncontrollable UnicornReality Tall dark and mysterious twin  LawrenceDeDark and Blouse of Plenty Lyastri

Tutorials are a created as a learning tool and help people learn new skills by using a step-by-step processes,while at the same time designed to give you a good understanding of techniques.We have a large variety within our gallery that cover most if not all artistic genre.

I think many of you will agree that we are extremley lucky to have a gallery that is filled with Artsits that are willing to share their creative know how for  artists to learn from and prefect their technique's.

I will point out  that I have left out Fractal tutorials as they have recently received their own gallery sub cat ,and will feature those seperately,together with other Fractal Resources.

Below are just a random few examples of what our gallery has to offer,sadly I am unable to feature them all,as that would make for one very extensive volume,but there is nothing stopping you from spending a lazy afternoon gazing upon these fabulous gems.


The most common miscat amongst the Tutorials category is where a  member may create an image from tutorial,then place that image in Resources > Tutorials under the impression it belongs there because the image was made from a tutorial,either that or the tutorial it self has been placed in the wrong subcat.It is always important to read your cat descriptions properly and place them in the right category and sub section,as your resource's will actually get the exposure they really deserve and it will aid our members to  find them easier.

While on the subject of Miscats please take the time to read the Artist Relations Newsletter - June 26, 2008 where Moonbeam13'explains a little about "building tools to allow deviants to help us move miscats, with measures in place to prevent abuse! and how you the community can help us.



:thumb85637741: Quick Mask Tutorial by AphoticPhoenix PS - Recoloring Tutorial by assimilated Fading Text In ImageReady by limon-butterfly
Isolate Colour Video Tut by DigitalPhenom

Resources > Tutorials > Application Reference >

Tutorials which explain different application functions i.e. Adobe Photoshop brush tutorials, also included are 'How To' guides.

:thumb77923299: A style line. -Tutorial by Uribaani:thumb56378739:
Corporate Teaser Graphic Pt.1 by nobstutorials Perfect Bordering by LuckiTTy:thumb56452563::thumb70006983:
Custom Brushes by vladimir-the-hamster Solid to Transparent Gradients by BarryKiddPhotography

Digital Art

Tutorials explaining different techniques in creating digital art.

Resources > Tutorials > Digital Art


Digital art tutorials explaining different painting, drawing and airbrushing techniques.

Lineart Tutorial by Kuurin Quick coloring tutorial by Abuze tree tutorial part 3 by calisto-lynn Freckles Walkthrough Pt 1 by mynti
Freckles Walkthrough Pt 2 by mynti T1 The Basics and Eyes by ellastasia For the Untalented - Face - 5 by CrypticButterfly Walkthrough Videotutorial by Abuze Chain Jewelry Details Tutorial by Neemeister
. Lineart Tutorial . by Jenziz ..Lineart Tutorial.. by satsukii ++LINEART TUTORIAL- BIG++ by frack101 poison process-wannabe tut. by Lavah


Tutorials explaining different photomanipulation techniques.

Setting a Mood -Video Tut- Pt1 by kuschelirmel-stock ABC to by Eilorendil
:thumb57005304: Rococo Pearl : Walk-though by Autonoe
Manip Tips + Tricks: Brushwork by kuschelirmel-stock Perspective and Light by archetype-stock Tutorial: Beautiful Eyes 101 by vanity-insecurity


Tutorials explaining different pixel art techniques with the specific application required for pixel art.

Wavy Hair Tutorial by Heartsdesire-fantasy Pixel-Digital doll basemaking by FionaCreates ...Pixel Art Tutorial... by Yo-yoMaster Fire Nymph - Step-By-Step by bunnystick MSpaint Pixel Tutorial by mocha-san Tutorial - Pixel Art Animation by Cheila
Pixelart Noobtorials by lollige Explosion Tutorial 2 by Bad-Blood


Tutorials explaining different vector art techniques. Vector art is created in vector based graphic applications.

Vector Walkthrough Part 1 by novenarik Vector Walkthrough Part 2 by novenarik Tips for Vectoring Shapes by Orangie818 Woman and Cats How-To Advanced by Zzanthia tutorial vector art  photoshop by AndersonMathias Urban Propaganda How-To by DomNX
Illustrator CS3 to Flash CS3 by KrisKenshin how to: lineart with inkscape by happyline Milky Leaf Vector Tutorial by milkleaf Vexelling Hair by vectortutorial


Tutorials explaining different 3D art techniques. 3D is art created using tools/applications that deal with 3D space and objects.

Terragen2 Basic Scene Tutorial by DVeditor Terragen2 Good Rocks Tutorial by bvcastilho3D Woodland Blue - walkthrough by joannastar maya-mentalray studio lighting by Matt-Mills
BODY UNWRApPING by raorohith

Mature Content

For Those Who are Curious No.3 by Skipychic
Modelling a goblet in Carrara by 3D-Fantasy-Art
C4D modeling tut by ReVerthex Tutorial for Nikita Poser by goor Getting Started in 3D Art by 3D-Fantasy-Art
:thumb65367739: Making of Bedtime Stories by Fredy3D Making of ... by Sampdoria Blender Tut: Part 1 - Setup by ShoTro
3ds Max LowPoly Character Modeling by Athey


Glass Objects Tutorial by elusive How to: Shade emoticons by arrioch Digital Darkroom Tutorial by kuschelirmel-stock

Non Art

Resources > Tutorials > Non-Art

Chocolate Muffin Tutorial by Sciogie Sushi Tutorial by Corselia:thumb46387196::thumb60454712:
VISUAL KEI make-up TUTORIAL 4 by drag-my-soul Tutorial - Easy Vintage Hair by MauserGirl MakeYourOwnTamagotchi tutorial by haffri Japanese Tutorial by Sweet-As-Strawberry

Traditional Art

Tutorials explaining different techniques and mediums used in traditional art like pencil sketches, watercolour painting, etc.

Resources > Tutorials > Traditional Art

Tutorial: Shading and Blending by Cataclysm-X Guide to Movement1:Flexibility by Majnouna

Mature Content

How To Draw Women by TArthurSmith
Tutorial : Creases and Folds by KealeS
Tutorial 'Attic' by ARTOONATOR:thumb57088390: Acrylic Palette Tutorial by No-Sign-of-Sanity
Realistic Wing Tutorial II by windfalcon Lan's ultra-keen marker tips by azarath Painting Realistic Eyes in Oil by hever
Practical Colors Tutorial by KelliRoos:thumb43346523: Charcoal Reduction Tutorial by AreteEirene Watercolor Portraiture by hever:thumb57360769: PAINTING TUTORIAL by l-Ataraxia-l

Web Design

The Web design tutorials cover design advice, to advanced scripting techniques, and start to finish guides on designing websites.

Resources > Tutorials > Web Design


Many thanks go to :iconshyada: for finding these for me :heart:

TUT: Using CSS Scroll Boxes by Talei   ImageMap Tutorial Part1 by twostock
ImageMap Tutorial Part2 by twostock HTML Tutorial for Beginners by Epic-Ninja css in like five minutes : 1 by roguedeveloper :thumb56281240: CSS: Absolute Positioning by kuschelirmel-stock
:thumb59428272::thumb23757728: Slicing tutorial - photoshop by DucKfiX Turning a PSD into a Website by tekmonkey

Artisan Crafts

Tutorials explaining different craft techniques. A few examples include textiles, origami, jewelery making and woodworking.

Resources > Tutorials > Artisan Crafts

Tutorial: Circle Skirts by taeliac Box Point Module Instructions by JubbenRobot Build a Bunnie by xlilbabydragonx
Kanzashi Tutorial - Part 2 by Kurokami-Kanzashi Handle Wrapping Tutorial v.2 by Laitz Unicorn Tutorial Part 1 by scenceable

For more Artisan Craft tutorials.


Tutorials explaining different Flash techniques.

Resources > Tutorials > Flash

Making Your Animation Loop by FLAnimate Flash Tutorial for Newbies by madelief General tutorial by Flash-R-Us
TUTORIAL: Flash Backrounds by Etoli Shidabeeda's Dress-up tut by shidabeeda


Tutorials explaining different photography techniques, both film and digital.

Resources > Tutorials > Photography

Photography for Beginners. by lewcid Reverse Lens Tutorial by larafairie-stock
:thumb72507407: STUDIO: Chromakey 1 by monroeart Understanding Depth of Field by photo-class
Lightroom - Grayscale Targets by BarryKiddPhotography Macro Photography by photo-class Composition 2 by photo-class


Tutorials explaining different typography techniques. This includes, but is not limited to, graffiti, calligraphy, typeface design, etc.

Browse > Resources > Tutorials > Typography

A lesson in typography 1 of 2 by Siren2k4 Fonts and typography-Thoughts by jsmonzani


Tutorials explaining different writing techniques and skills including tutorials on how to publish your writing.

Browse > Resources > Tutorials > Writing

:thumb33731956: Guide to Writing - Xaxona by FictionWorkshop On Writing - Getting Published by mree
Writing thing pt. 1 by avaunt Toru's Approach to Writing by Toru-bozu

As always,please respect the guidelines and terms of use laid out by each Resource provider for any Resources that you use.


CR Love Stamp by kuschelirmel-stock

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I still stalk this news article. :iconteheplz:
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You do,what a darling you are :huggle: :giggle:

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Extremely huge "thank you" for featuring mine, yay!
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Thanks once again for the feature! ^^
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w-wow, thanks for the featuring my typography thing. it's not even worthy of the title "tutorial", actually, but as long as people found it useful... ^^;
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You know every little helps :hug:
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Thank you so much for featuring my tutorial! I'm so happy that others have found it helpful.
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ty sweetums!
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:giggle: It's funny you would feature my out-of-date guide. ;) But thanks. I feel loved.
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Nothing is out of date here,they are just older and distinguished treasures :giggle:
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this is REALLY apreciated! ^^
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thank you soooo much for featuring my lineart tutorial :hug: i'm so thankful that you did this :boogie:... i'm happy if it's useful for someone :)

btw this article is absolut great, it includes a lot of interessting and usefull tutorials and tipps :thumbsup:
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It was a pleasure,we are lucky to have so many artists like you that share :hug:
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Thanks for the feature. You got some great resources there! Definitely faving a bunch of them!
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My pleasure,have fun :hug:
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Oh wow, didn't know I had made it "big" like this. Thanks for featuring my tutorial, I was considering working on some new ones, but not sure where to start or haven't received feedback that suggests what is good or bad about them, but it is much appreciated.
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here it the link is again :blush:

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Well as a suggestion you could always pop up a post in the 3-Dimensional Art Forum http ://

Thank you again hug:
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