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......just started playing Morrowind, so yeah.
Not very refined but I wanted to submit something on here :C
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Amazing! Brilliant!

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Such a cool looking character, you have amazing artwork in general but this one, fantastic! Clap 
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Thanks a lot!! :D
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oh god such a badass! Love it!
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I love such sketchy, rough ways of paintings. *^*
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It's fun to paint like that too :D
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ummmmm so he's really hot 

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Hot damn! If only he was in the game...he has stolen my heart! 💓
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Haha, I wish you had more options with the appearances there :D
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Omg, I know right?!
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A dunmer after my own heart.
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It's Incredible, very very nice.
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I would love to use this for the cover art for my novel with your permission. I would give full credit and copyright to you. We could even possibly arrange a royalty agreement. Email me and let me know!
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Looks amazing. Love the dunmer XD
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Thanks!! I love them too. :)
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I would play Morrowind again but my computer won't buy it :facepalm:
So I'm waiting for Skywind instead.

Fantastic paintwork! Love the rogueness of this character.
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Morrowind is kinda awesome, I still need to play through it to the end! But I need to do that with Skyrim too and I've played like 200hrs now XD
Thank you so much!
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