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Cursed Seal Tattoo

By znc661
So what do you think of my Tattoo? :D
It is a real tattoo and you can use it if you want to!

Well.. time to eat som Cheese now!
Have a nice day..
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shadowloud's avatar
JayOokamiUchiha's avatar
i so wanna do the same thing xD partly to hide an old tattoo and partly as a sasuke cosplayer
Separate-cell's avatar
So sexy! ._. Omnomnomnom... >.<
Zurniel's avatar
that's fucking nice....
i have naruto's seal on my bad.....
Hanakuroi's avatar
i-love-moogles's avatar
is that real or a maker ?
Vecun's avatar
why did you do it on your shoulder blade and not on your neck (where sasuke has his seal y'know?)
i am asking because i want to make somthing similar (smaller) on my neck, and i am wondering because i havent seen anyone who has a cursed seal tattoo on his neck. everyone has is on his shoulder blade (O_o)
PicesOfaShuriken's avatar
Real kooool m8, like the extra marks you got coming off the seal !!!
IgibberI's avatar
tess coo m8. i'd taetoo a cheeze thow
HessianH's avatar
mint! check out mine on my da !
i have sasuke uchiha's face lmao :P
KishiOkami's avatar
awesome. That is sooooo cool. LUV IT.
nice tat !

How much did it cost you ?
AndromedaRae's avatar
Holy shit. You are officially my hero.

Plus, now I won't feel bad for wanting to get the ANBU tattoo and 'Dattebayo, Teme!' in Kanji, now...
Gray-Ghost-Creations's avatar
What do i think of your tattoo?!... I think it rocks so very much =D
LOVE IT!!!!!!! :love:
I wanna get a kyuubi on my thy.. and i think i will XD
jtgsclik's avatar
hey man i was thinin of gettin that tattoo! Did it hurt cause I really like the design but it looks a lil painful
Stupid-and-Witty's avatar
I was going to do something similar to that When I turn 16 XD it looks like you beat me to it :+fav:
Angelwithblkwings's avatar
I really love the awesome tattoo!
Especially the idea of sasuke's curse seal mark :D
Neko-zuki's avatar
that's a bit of fandom overboard. though the 3-coma-mark-tatoo crossed my mind a few times as well
Neogeta's avatar
Cool! I like how its spreads :D
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