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Attention Ghouls and Gals, check out the ultimate sale of sales on Why? Because I knocked everything down so far it'll make your heart stop. Paintings that were $200 now $75...just for an example. So click the link, tell your friends and family you want some original art under the casket this year for X-mas. Sale going on now, through Monday, NOV. 26th.

and visit if you're so inclined as well.. Most of my ok all of my updates are done there.
Hello all who probably aren't reading. Here again, we have another round of what's going on.

I've got a number of paintings and prints for sale over at: This, where I sale my goods. I'm also selling an ORIGINAL drawing, no print..the original of my favorite of pieces I've done. So check that out post haste.

Also, follow me on or I post random sketches all of the time of things I'm working on..speaking of I'm working on a book FULL of sketches, nothing laid out..literal randomness. A whole book, front and back..front to back..This is has been a task, lemme tell ya. But it's fun and I like doing it..that's all that matters.

In the mean time..check out my etsy store, and social networking sites.
I've been missing for a minute. I have been busy with a lot of shit, but fear not loyal followers. I have a few items that will be posted really soon. Including East Central Roller Derby logos, for my local area. Feel free to check'em at:

There's a new kid to the horror punk scene, that is as dedicated as the rest of us, however he's doing more than a lot of people every did, even bringing back the 'Zine. I'll be posting a new logo design for that as well, and some paintings. So stay tuned for this to come. I might even post some more writings, however I'm saving a lot of them for the poetry book in which I am writing, a compilation of writing and illustration.

Ok so that's it for now, stay tuned.
I lowered the prices of my paintings on Check it out and get them today! I want these paintings to adorn the houses of true horror fans. So Get'em!

I've got some cool stuff coming this week. I've been on a black and grey kick for about three weeks. I've got some bad ass work being produced from it. So stay tuned.

Also, I need some assistance. I am trying to build a portfolio and granted I have thousands of images I can use that I have produced. Most of which are horror related. So I need some "normal" work to do to build my portfolio. The plus side for the client whom ever it may be. I am not charging, at all for the first design. I need business logo design, business cards, tshirts, album covers, work for churches, whatever the case may be. I need to build this portfolio so spread the word. The freebies only go towards the normy's.  As for my normal art commissions I'm available for anything you may need. Album, tshirt, sticker, logo, whatever art. AND I am doing it for $50 per design for the first 10 people that come to me for work. So get the word out. Tell your mom's pure romance representative that her card sucks, and this guy can do it better. Tell your dad's classic rock cover band they suck and need a new logo, Tell your churches that the designs for everything is lame and boring and that this guy can do a better job.  Tell your brother's band that their logo looks like trash and this guy can do it better. Spread the word any way you can.
I've got a lot going on right now in the way of finances..and am now taking commissions for bands, and companies or  just custom orders. So feel free to email me with any design needs to

Also, check out :
Everything in my shop is going on super sale for cyberweekend Friday-monday: So get this stuff now. Everything has been marked down to the point of ridiculous intent.  Shirts, paintings, decaps, sunglasses, etc. … there for some spooky gear/art and decoration savvy greatness.
New 8x10 painting and handpainted sunglasses, don't hate. Yes I said sunglasses.  So head over and take a look. Or if you're not into it, send your friends.
Ok so I have all the necessary social sites in order I'm pretty sure. So anyway with that are links and ways to find them.

Just search Justin Terrell on google+ I haven't figured out the whole linking thing yet.

That's all for now.

And everyone feel free to steal the Support horror arts design and post it every where..just remember to give credit.
In case you may have not known of forgotten.  You can buy prints of my work, paintings, and other artistic goodies provided by ZMB Graphics at  And also check out my facebook profile:  

Keep it creepy,
         Justin Terrell(ZMB Graphics)
so I'm not only an artist of the drawing/painting nature..I also am a musician.  If anyone has any indiana friends, send them my way I'm looking for a drummer to play for a horror punk band. So if you know anyone..send them POST HASTE!!!

Name of the band: Rigor Mortis Screams
                          Style- Horror Punk
Man it's been way too long since I've updated on here..there's been a lot of things going on in my little world.

Tattoo's have been consuming me it seems, I love doing it, but hate the demanding schedule it brings, especially since I have a kid, a 9-5 job and other artistic endeavors I'd like to pursue.  But whatever, it's extra cash right now.  
  To those that have thought about getting into the business of's the trick to making it as a big time artist. Do everything yourself, do not ride the coat tails of others it only ends in disaster.  Trying to get into a shop is damn near impossible especially if you're a semi decent tattoo artist. The reason; envy. Yes, envy. Every artist has their thing and thinks they are better than the next guy..which is sad..sad that there is no "community" effort or "team" if it were.  Especially if they are a shop owner, "team" isn't even in their vocabulary.  So my advice, is to build your craft yourself. Fuck getting help from won't do any good.

Onward to other artness.  I've posted available prints for sale on my etsy store: I've only got a few right now, but hell we have to start some where ;).   I'm looking to collaborate with artists in the near we'll see how that goes.  

That's all for now.
    Keep it creepy.
Ok check out  NOW!

$5 shirts with free set of buttons

$25 zombie head with a free shirt and buttons.

Can't beat it.

So GO NOW!  Also check out some other great sales happening in the world of spook.
and visit my book of face

I'm also starting to randomly abuse free speech on

Take sCare,
           ZMB GRAPHICS
I've got some new stuff coming soon to the DA profile. Some pretty raw stuff too, and I'll be posting my annual halloween picture here, before I post it any where else. Because I value the input and opinions of my fellow artists over all others.

Now for some real news. I am now apart of the elite world of dark craft persons the Etsy Dark Team.  A nice little/huge community of horror, dark, wiccan, halloween related crafts people, artists, etc. I joined etsy to sell my goods and services, and am now proudly apart of a team of great and creative people.

Do a google search for Etsy Dark team or visit the profile.

I'll be updating my shop later with some more goods as well as some collaborating works with Handmade Horrors.  We plan on taking over the world, one monster at a time ;).

Until next time kiddies..Stay Spooky!
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Check out: and have a look/see at my new source of artistic entertainment. My wife is a cosmetology student and I propositioned some students for their mannequin heads, so thus I paint them up like zombies(also custom orders), and have decided to sell them so that everyone(well in the limited quantity that I have) can decorate their crypts with ZMB, all original hand painted zombie heads.  So check it out, pick up a shirt or buttons while you're at it.
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New deal hatnin'. You can be zmbified in 8x10 format as seen done to my friends, and sent to your tomb for the low cost of $15. Or you could go to the other guys for $90. I'm just saying. Anyway, 15 bones gets you drawn up as a zombie, missing flesh bloodsplatter, the works. Email me a good head shot(nothing dirty) to:
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Check it out:

I'm going to take my skill to a new level..eventually haha..nah for real..I'm working on some killer shit right now.
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So I've updated a lot lately. I'm excited about that.

I recently just created an ebay store for my shirts and yet to come paintings.
Check it out, and feel free to pass it around all promotion is good promotion:…

If you've noticed cool, but I've got this new concept going on..drawing in the dark. Why? Hell if I know, but it seemed kinda cool so my goal is to every night or when I think about it, turn off all lights, and let the pencil do the talking. Who knows what will come out. Some will mock it, and say "that's stupid" but we are all artists here, you can draw anything in the light, but what comes out in the dark? obviously not a straight or connected line haha..but some scribbly sketches. Kinda cool, I encourage everyone to give it a go.

Nothing else really to report on my end. I'm still poundin' down on the tattoo game, just haven't posted anything cause I'm also focusing more on my actual artwork.

that is all for now.
-Justin(ZMB Graphics)
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I'm probably going to upload a butt load of tattoos I've done, and some sketches tomorrow. Be prepared to have your "inbox" full of stuff. or at the very least a few things I've been working on. ;).

I've got a lot of projects coming up that I'm very excited stay tuned.
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I'm about thcloisse to getting my tattoo license..I don't know how other states roll but ours is as such: Learn the ropes(do NOT tattoo people it's not allowed), practice skin works wonders as well as ones self. Practice skin is a little weird, but you get use to the feel of everything, get to know the machines, what they do, etc. You learn and see what the ink does and the proper depth. Then after/during all that. Get the paper work and fill it out. Take a T.B. Test, Physical, Background check, and pay for the permit itself.  Pretty simple..just coming up with the money is a pain..but I'm just about there, got the tb test out of the way, getting a physical, and then the rest..I'm stoked. Now..after that comes the tattooing of humans.

Everyone learns differently, and everyone teaches differently.  I have enjoyed my learning experience. Brian is laid back, talks "my language" and I get what he's saying about all of the tattooing field.  I've got it, still learning as I go..but as an artist it's no different than any other art medium. Paint, pencil etc. And it definitely fills the artistic void I've had..Sure I love the graphic arts and so forth..but this is what I've been waiting for.  And this career is going to be phenominal.  Of course I'll post pics every time I do everyone can see my work.

I've got a few designs I've been working on graphically that I'll post later. One being the bride herself.  I know everyone into horror has like 3000 of them..but this one is sweet looking. Sketched it yesterday, and should have it rendered soon.  I've also made a deal with the Koffin Kats to do a piece or two.  Music and Art the two things that matter..I've got this raw idea for them..I'm sure you'll all be stoked to see it. I know I am haha.
    OK that's it for now..I've got a blinding headache and this isn't occupying me enough to get rid of it.
             Keep it creepy,
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Shirts and shit now available! Check out
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