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February 7, 2010
Suggester says : "Spirit Archer by =Zmann966 is a fantastic piece of animation work which flows smoothly from the start to the finish. The expressions fit really well with the motion and bow and also the shadow effects are awesome."
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Spirit Archer



Originally started this morning to be a continuation of the Fate/ Stay Night Noble Phantasms ala:
But for Archer, then I realized that not only is Archer's Noble Phantasm the Unlimited Blade Works, but he never even brings a super-awesome spirit bow of light into exsistence... Rin does... once I think... But not him so whatever...
I guess this is closer to Bleach and that one... dude...


K just realized that the emote is too big so dA puts that damned gray box behind it... which makes it look terrible cuz of the shadow effects I "tried' to make...
So click download to see it a bit better plz. (and I don't really feel like putting a background in)
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I have a collection entitled "The Spiritual Body" which is 90% artistic nudes that reflect high-minded, religious, or allusions to sacred geometry with the human figure. I placed this there because it is one of those rare little masterpieces that just encapsulates the spiritual essence of the archetype of the archer shooting an arrow. The sphere is the perfect object, the body from which all bodies emnate, but it only becomes interesting when it changes or something is done with it. Obviously, there is astrological significance that could be inferred from your piece but this has an unusual amount of serious focus to it that goes with what an archer has to do to shoot the arrow effectively and not have the bow spring into the face. It's all too easy to fall into camp with this style of animation and I am glad to see that there are more of these emerging that are quite sublime in their simplicity and directness. Chief among the things that make this work is the changes in the eyes to create the emotional expressions. Range of value is a big thing that is often overlooked and it applies just as much to the basic, minimalist elements of the face as it does to colors or shading. This is a supreme example of what can be achieved! Bravo! <img src="…" width="20" height="20" alt=":clap:" title="Clap - :clap:"/>