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Perv Thrusting

Don't you hate it when you get hit on by some pig at a club or bar, who's only goal is to hump you and grind their crotch against your backside?

Those damn flirty women, always trying to get with me... >_>;

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thrust game 2 strong
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Yesterday I was at a bar and a dude came up to me and whispered in my ear something like this "Hey sweetcheeks-" I walked away. The almost rest of the night he was chasing me. I said I would talk to him if he would stop following me. Turns out hes really nice.
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Feel sorry for you. My cousin that is 23 gets that too. I ask him why he EVEN goes there.
hey your face is wet XD
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LOL Everytime I see this I giggle.
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omg this is amazing and i LOVE it!! ^¬^
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featured this in my journal! :heart:
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:boogie: This has been featured in the Emotes: Pink! newsletter. :peace: :heart:
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:D Hahaha.
It's a great emote ;)
I'll faved this one :#1:
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That's awesome.
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XD Awesome emote and even a better descrip.
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LMFAO.. this is classic!

I love it because it's so true.
I love the way he humps her.. lol
It cracks me up so much.
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:giggle: :blush:

Suki it is ;p
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which damn flirty women? :threaten: point me in their general direction please :aww:

but then again.. can't blame em.. i reckon you might have a nice backside.. and ladies prone to gyrations and grinding might be attracted to it ;p
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