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Knights of the Grey City 76

Chapter 76 - TRANSFORMATION Another ripple shot through the area, followed by a vibration in the air. Yael fell back again. The black mist was torn away, leaving her demonic body visible for the first time. Her arms were too long, her hands and feet skeletal and clawed. Her rib cage and spine were visible, no stomach or innards. She fell to her knees, wings lying limp behind her, patches of her inky skin showing a more human colour. The ground shifted under my feet. I grabbed hold of Huang and Rayne, who grabbed Katie, the four of us steadying ourselves as the surface we were standing on gave another shudder. I looked over my shoulder at the

Knights of the Grey City

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Golden Stain, Chapter 36

Chapter Thirty-Six: Change They held a funeral for Solan, in the way of dragons. Jay found that dragons were not ritualists as humans were. The funeral was a simple time to say goodbye, a celebration of Solan’s spirit rejoining the elements, and his burial under the earth. A large group gathered together to speak of their memories, and to commit Solan’s body to its final rest. A dragon with deep black scales and blue eyes lurked near the back of the crowd, then left before anyone could speak with him. Solan’s family, too, had come. Jay had never met them, though he’d heard of them through Solan’s words, and someh

Golden Stain

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Half-Dragon Solis, Chapter 61

Chapter Sixty-One: In Closing His name was Isaac. The human half of Half-Dragon Black had been in a coma for almost a year, and waking up as a half-dragon must have been a surreal experience for him. He seemed okay--distant, constantly confused, but somehow okay. We all edged around him. After all, he was still a half-dragon--Yrathain still occupied his body. Did Yrathain speak with him at all? Could he take control? We didn’t know. So we did the worst possible thing we could, and isolated him. The days that followed the battle were something of a blur. Charman was injured badly, but lived, after he received care. Most of us were ev

Half-Dragon Solis

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Golden Blood -- Ch. 68

Chapter Sixty-Eight - Jay Dragons were approaching us from both sides, crowding us in like rabbits so we'd be easier to kill. I stepped past Solan and found the exact center of the hall, then narrowed my eyes and concentrated fiercely on the surrounding stone. I'll hold them off. See if you can free Mailliw, I told Solan, then took a long, deep breath. I let out my power slowly, afraid of having it rush out too fast and ripping me out of my body. At least Solan was nearby, anchoring my magic. I should be able to do this. I had to. The dragons closest to us stopped walking, looking at each other in confusion. Some of them reached out as if

Golden Blood

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Dragon Wings-- Prologue

PART ONE Prologue The mountains of the western lands were tall and packed tightly together, huddling in groups as if in defence from the frigid skies. Trees and grass reached up over part of the mountains' bases, but the higher the stone stood, the less foliage was to be seen. By the time one reached a mountain peak, the world was devoid of life and colour, defined only by the breath of wind and swirls of silver snow. Once the moon was high in the night sky, the flurries rose to stinging storms, and the wind bit with a sudden new fury in the darkness. The sky grew pale and cloud-obscured, bathing the mountaintops in smudges of frosty white.

Dragon wing series

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The Two Elders

How to train your dragon

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Absinthes 2


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Taking a swim


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Amayensis ~ character sheet

    Identity Name: Amayensis Nicknames: Amay', Ama' Gender: Female Age: 314 years (early adulthood) Species: Unnamed Genera: Volcano Dragon Elemental family: Earth Dragon    Morphology Height: 2,50m (8.2 ft) to the withers; more than 3m (9.8 ft) to the head when she carries it high. Length: 4,4m (14.4 ft) from head to hind legs; 9,2m (30.2 ft) from head to tip of the tail. Wingspan: 17,6m (57.7 ft) from the tip of a wing to the other, when wings spread. Weight: 700kg (1543 lbs), quite heavy. Description: Amayensis' anatomy is close to big cats'. Covered with small dark red-orange scales, her bulky, muscular body gives her impressive stat

Dragon stories

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Naga's Boy: Boy's Naga Chapter 5

    Carlyle released Madeline’s hand and gently -but swiftly- pulled her into a kneeling position as a single gunshot echoed through the trees. He frowned and turned to Madeline whose face was painted with fright, “that... was that a-a gun?” she stammered. Carlyle nodded and turned to look back up the path way behind them, and where the sound had came from.    Two guards in grey armor rushed up next to them, taking a knee by their sides and readying their rifles, “are you unharmed, young masters?” one of them asked in a gruff male voice as they scanned the trees.    Carlyle turned to them and nodded, “you

Fantasy stories

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White Wolf

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Beyond the Grave

Kylo was disgusted. With his father. His room. The melted mask that usually brought solace. Mostly with himself. He glanced at his lightsaber, hoping the memories it held would chase the light away. The red light tore through the man before him with no remorse or hesitation, unlike the man wielding the weapon. Han Solo didn't even look surprised, only reaching up and laying a hand on his face... Why? Why was it that all he could see was that last act? The clear act of forgiveness that was the last thing Han Solo- the man Kylo hated and still hates- ever did. Even after literally being stabbed through by his son. Kylo’s stomach gave a t

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Of Demons and Dragons II

Part 2: Short People As much as Dean had hoped for everything to be a tormenting dream, the reality preferred to differ. When he was half awake and barely aware of his surroundings, his heartbeat went up, hoping that he had been dreaming. Only for a short moment he thought that he was in his bed at home. That was until he regained feeling into his sleepy limbs. All it took was a soft twitch from his wings and he was wide awake. Dean jumped up, head over heels, still terrified and panicked by his new appearance. A screech rumbled through the cave and Dean was surprised, but also shocked that it was his own voice. He toppled over and fell ont

TF stories

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The hippogriff problems

TF pictures

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Anthro Nora

Thomas Fischbach

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An Angel's Story (Christmas)

(by Max Lucado) “Gabriel.” Just the sound of my King’s voice stirred my heart. I left my post at the entryway and stepped into the throne room. To my left was the desk on which sat the Book of Life. Ahead of me was the throne of Almighty God. I entered the circle of unceasing Light, folded my wings before me to cover my face, and knelt before Him. “Yes, my Lord?” “You have served the kingdom well. You are a noble messenger. Never have you flinched in duty. Never have you flagged in zeal.” I bowed my head, basking in the words. “Whatever You ask, I’ll do a thousand times over, my King,&#

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A Tale of Two Dragons

They say this is a fairy tale, Just a story and nothing more. Sit down, relax, let your mind sail With a tale like never before. It happened a long time ago, When charm and beauty ruled the land, Each day was a wonderful show, All was so peaceful and so grand. Days were warm and full of sun, Nights were calm and full of lights, Bright, colorful and equal to none, All blended into majestic sights. It was filled with many creatures Some of which you can see today Each with their own special features And many beauties to display. But one of them stood out the most: Dragons so mighty and graceful. A unique sight when they came close, For some


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The Dragon Crew part 15

 Jeff was still in his bedroom mourning over Rachael's death as it was getting dark outside. He couldn't fall asleep at all during the night and heard the others leave earlier. The only ones that he didn't hear leave were Tommy, Aster and Aaron. He could hear Tommy lead Aster and Aaron to the guest room and Jeff only guessed that Tommy, Erebus, and Jason stayed in the secondary guest room which used to be Jason's old room. Jeff was sitting on his bed with his legs up against his body and tears were running down his face and he was grasping onto Rachael's necklace hard. He still didn't have any clothes on and knew that there was a bag of alter

Dragon Crew series

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Redemption series

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Tiger painting

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Dissension - The Empire Chess Pieces


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- World Gaze -

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Heroes in Training

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Harry Potter

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The Doctor

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Crossing of Paths

Artemis Fowl

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FMA: Alphonse Elric


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jack - NBC

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Beauty and the Beast - AT

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Jack - Until death greets me..


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New Dragon's World Epilogue

New Dragon's World Epilogue With this long tale at last concluded, we journey back one last time to check on Titus and his friends. Titus returned to his job. Of course he had a difficult time explaining to his boss that the reason he was gone for so long was because he was trying to stop an evil dragon who wanted to conquer the world. Every weekend, he would travel to the dragon realm to visit his parents and pay his respects to Angela and Theian. Sarah continued to attend Angela's shop.  Over time, the shop would be frequented by those both young and old, eventually becoming the number one hot spot in the strip mall. Word had it that Sa

Dragon world series

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Feral Time, Part 4

        The next morning I woke up with a beam of sunlight hitting my scaled face. At first it felt so warm and inviting that I just laid there soaking it up. I shifted a bit and then I felt damp. Morning dew from the cold night air coated my whole body. I slowly got to my four feet and shook myself, tossing the dew off me. I split my maw wide in a large yawn and looked around, seeing that Claw was already gone. "I wonder where he took off to?" I asked myself. I just stretched out my whole body, extending my wings out and flapping them a little bit to get the blood out into them. Once I was all set,


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grease monkey 2

Lorwenn woke the next day with strange sounds coming from outside the cave. She rubbed her tired eyes, and immediately felt the sore muscles all over her body act up. She groaned and looked around, the dragons still slept. The sun had barely just peeked over the horizon, or so the light outside seemed to say. She got up, painfully stretching her back and yawned. She uncomfortably adjusted her shirt and bra, she never usually slept with them on, and doing so for the first time in a while made her uneasy. She wanted to leave the cave. The musky smell of dragon was already stifling the air, and she wanted to find a source of water. The planet wa


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