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Majcine ruke / Mother's hands
Translation below!
Majčine ruke
Majčine su ruke
poput najnježnijeg dodira vjetra,
poput ugodne topline vatre,
poput dodira samoga Boga.
Znaju mnoge stvari napraviti
što nitko drugi ni ne pojmi,
tako lijepe, tako divne,
da odmah znaš,
ljubavlju su protkane.
Tiho trpe, hrabro podnose
sve nevolje, sve nedaće
što svijet spremit' može,
da svoju djecu od njih zaštite.
Toliku snagu u sebi nose,
toliku čvrstinu posjeduju
da djecu svoju pravo postave
i drže
sve dok sama ne mognu stajati
u lice vjetru što ih srušiti želi.
A jednom kad klonu,
kad ih snaga napusti,
kad bore budu tamo
gdje trpljenje je prošlo,
ja bit ću tu
da uzmem ih
i da ih podignem,
da ih milujem,
kako su one podigle mene,
kako su one milovale mene.
:iconzmaj-dragon:Zmaj-dragon 12 9
I will live
"Bring me her medical chart, please", said the voice. The sound of opening and closing doors could be heard. Several minutes of silence and the sound repeated itself. Rustling of papers and the occasional muttering gave away the reading of the brought chart.
"So, according to this, she has a few months left."
"Yes, sir."
"No therapy they tried succeeded?
"No, sir. She also contacted the foundations that are researching that kind of cancer, but it seems her case is special.
"I see she refused every suggestion for surgical removal. I'm not surprised, the chance of survival is almost equal to zero."
Silence took over the room again. Only the antique wall clock ticked the seconds quietly.
"How is our other... project... progressing?"
"Excellent, sir. "We're just finishing-"
A ringtone sounded. "Excuse me", said the other voice and answered the call.
"Yes?... Yes... Really? Excellent- That, too? Marvelous... Yes, yes, I'll tell him. Cheers."
"What are you supposed to tell me?" asked the fir
:iconzmaj-dragon:Zmaj-dragon 28 52
Illuminated by the sun of love
That. Damn. Sun.

I stuck my tongue out from thirst. My lips were dry and cracked, and my mouth as if filled with sand. I tried to create saliva, but those scanty quantities weren't enough to wet my mouth. I walked on the rocky ground, overgrown here and there by resistant plants which found bits of earth in deep cracks, too scant for a tree which would give life-saving shade. I looked at the sky and frowned.
Not even a cloud!
The sky looked blue in a downright insolent manner, it's sapphire vastness uninterrupted by even smallest traces of whiteness. In its middle, like a gold lump, the sun shone, hitting my body with heat regardless of me having shirt and shorts. Sandals aren't even worth mentioning.
I lowered my gaze on my baked arms. Three hours of wandering on the rocky ground, without any sign  of where I am, took it's toll. My skin itched more and more, regardless if it was or wasn't directly exposed to the sun. I scratched myself, but it only worsene
:iconzmaj-dragon:Zmaj-dragon 21 29
Sui generis ch. 6
Sui generis
Chapter six:
Quod nocet, saepe docet
I gaped at Ruben with eyes wide open in surprise.
"I hope you like it", he continued while his warm smile slowly cooled, "for you're going to spend the rest of your short life here."
"What are you talking about?" I interrupted him when the gift of speech returned to me. Instead of an answer, the dragons around me started and tried to seize me. Tried, I say. I quickly jumped and opened my wings,  flapped a few times and glided to the other end of the forecourt.
What's happening? Ruben would never do this! I thought while landing.
Maybe, but you don't know him that well, I told myself while turning around. Two of the dragons jumped in the air, and three run towards me. Ruben just stood and observed the scene.
"You know, this is futile for you", he yelled to me. For one short moment I looked him in the face and saw such burning hatred that I, despite everything, asked myself what happened to him during
:iconzmaj-dragon:Zmaj-dragon 12 51
Sui generis ch. 5
Sui generis
Chapter five:
Every cloud has a silver lining
I ate three more portions after the one given by the doctor. I leaned back in the chair, but three weeks of laying in bed have some unwanted effects. A full bladder is one of them.
"Excuse me, where's the toilet?" I asked the doctor who was passing by my table.
"In the hall behind those doors, first door to the left", he answered shortly and hurried away before I managed to say thanks. I shrugged and went towards the shown door.
I did what I had to and returned to the canteen with a little discovery. The wizard sat at one of the tables. He gave me a sign to come to him.
"You know, this is a very unoriginal appearance", I said critically while sitting down at the table.
"And what would you want? That I make up a new act every time I show up?" he asked me.
"No, but I would like to see you showing up", I answered.
"Should I describe to you how I came here?" he asked the question provocatively. I shook my head, trying to hide the sm
:iconzmaj-dragon:Zmaj-dragon 18 52
Sui generis ch. 4
Sui generis
Chapter four:
I held the medallion in my hands waiting for it to start glowing. Five seconds passed. Ten. Fifteen. Why is it taking so long? I thought, observing it closely. I sighed disappointedly. I let it out of my hands and it fell on my chest. As soon as it bumped against my chest, it started to glow mildly, and with the light my skin started to itch. Oho, the fun started. I leered.
I felt that something was growing under my skin everywhere on my body. My skin turned as pale as lime. Lacerations appeared in the skin, probably because of the dryness, revealing blood red scales. My skin fell off, and the nose flattened itself. My ears reshaped and elongated. Sharp pain streamed through my hands and feet, forcing me to bend and fall on the ground in cramps. I clenched my fists in hope that the pain will go away, but it just intensified. My little and ring fingers fused, leaving me with only four fingers on each hand. Silver talons plowed the tip o
:iconzmaj-dragon:Zmaj-dragon 15 60
Sui generis ch. 3
Sui generis
Chapter three:
Bake and tell!
I stood there, near the entrance to the Library, and stared dully at the wizard comfortably reclined in an armchair. It seemed to me that I didn't caught on what he said. Space between worlds? But that would mean...
"...there are other worlds. Correct. You often thought about other worlds. You didn't believe in them, but you always carried a hope that there's more of them. Now you just confirmed it", the wizard finished my thought. This hasn't surprised me to much, because I always thought wizards can read other peoples mind and communicate with them.
"Exactly so. I can read your mind, because there's no defenses around it. It's possible to disable entrance of someones elses mind into your own, but it's achieved by practice and you don't have to be a wizard to do that", he confirmed my thoughts. "Come, sit here", he called me and showed the armchair opposite to him. I came to it and sat. It was very soft and comfortable. If I could have armchai
:iconzmaj-dragon:Zmaj-dragon 24 71
Sui generis ch. 2
Sui generis
Chapter two:
It's not all about appearance
I stood next to the book, with key in hand, completely paralyzed by tension and excitement. The moment of truth has arrived. I managed to calm down a little and push the key in the keyhole. I turned it slowly, in case the mechanism was corroded. But it wasn't. The key turned smoothly. And then it suddenly heated, at such an alarming rate that it scorched my hand. I pulled my hand away and watched what was happening.
The key melted and filled the keyhole, so that the cover was whole, except for that opening. Dirt fell off the book, like somebody had ran a rag over it, revealing not gilding, but pure gold. Thin threads started to move on the book, gathering around the opening on the cover and shaped into a symbol. The opening itself started to change. Now it was heart-shaped, and the threads shaped a crown around it. I heard a whirring sound. I leaned above the book and looked into the opening. Cogwheels had started spinning, faster
:iconzmaj-dragon:Zmaj-dragon 23 32
Sui generis ch. 1
Sui generis
Chapter one:
The Book
"Come on, come on, think of something!" I yelled at myself, sitting in front of the monitor and trying to write something. I thought: "Yes, it's really easier to read others stories instead of writing your own. My head is full of ideas, and I'm too lazy to write them! That's why I would like to be a dragon, so I wouldn't have to fudge a story about that. Like that, I could be more useful, and I could get on my own faster."
Thinking about that wish, existence, theology and a hundred of other things (and I really mean a hundred!), I slowly turned off the computer. "I simply do not have the idea how to turn the ideas into words. Heh, really ironic. Bah, I'm going to bed. Maybe tomorrow something will happen, but it's not likely. I hope that every evening, and nothing happens." I raised myself from the table, got out of the room, ran down the stairs in three jumps, flew into my room, changed clothes and lay on the bed.
:iconzmaj-dragon:Zmaj-dragon 39 72

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The Dragon Crew part 14
When Aaron and Aster got inside Jeff's head, they started looking around to see where they were. Instead of seeing a fog like they saw before, they saw nothing but darkness all around them. They were starting to get worried that they didn't get to where Jeff and Melanthios was and tried moving some, but found out that they couldn't. They looked at each other even more worried now and tried even harder to move.
"Aaron, I think we made a mistake," Aster said.
"No I think its Jeff. He's probably fighting for his life against Melanthios right now and somehow is blocking us from getting to them," Aaron said.
They started looking around again and soon started hearing something coming from the darkness. They soon figured out that it was voices whispering and it started to get louder. They looked around quickly to try and find where the source of the voices were coming from and they soon saw a bright flash of light come out of everywhere around them. They had to cover their eyes because of the
:icongodzilla99:godzilla99 22 172
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Reptilian Knights Chapter 5
Chapter 5: Reptile and I
After leaving Couvrant after a farewell to Lord Groul, I made my way towards this place that Groul had recommended me to go, Castle Riverstone via a place called Aktes. I spent several days trekking the path at a leisurely pace and camping when I needed to, making sure to properly protect myself from potential threats, not only wildlife, but also bandits and the like that seems to be notorious for midnight robberies back in the Medieval era.
I started to think about how different the people would be in Aktes than Couvrant, what this king was like, but most of all I was curious about one thing. I was unsure of what to expect of this 'Reptile' that Groul had told me about but I would find out sooner or later. The ironic thing was though that I would find out sooner than I would have expected.
Walking along a winding path, I came to see Aktes just beyond the horizon. "Oh good at least I'm nearly-" I began to think when I heard a commotion in the forest path nearby
:icondragonstar1715:Dragonstar1715 8 4
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Short Story with a Dragon
    I've always liked stories about dragons. Mostly ones about dragons who were companions to a human and always protected that human. I wanted something like that, a friend I could rely on. Someone to protect me, someone always watching over me.
    I had a dream that it was true, that I had a dragon companion. He would protect me, and I him. We worked together. The odd part was that after I woke up I still felt like the dragon was around, just out of my sight. The feeling didn't go away either, and when I was outside I kept thinking I saw him out of the corner of my eye, but I when I looked I seen nothing.
    When I would go for walks I would hear things, like there was something walking nearby, but I could never see it. Like a cricket in a room, as soon as soon I tried to find it, it was gone. I started to ignore these things, because I could never prove that anything was there.
    But one night I deci
:iconnoomoahk:NooMoahk 51 44




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Josip Bolkovac
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Hello to you, whoever you may be.

I'm Josip, writer and a pretty talkative guy. I do like a good conversation. I like everything connected to imagination, especially dragons. Here I am to show my work to others and to be able to see other peoples' works of art.

Feel free to comment on my writing, offer constructive criticism and talk to me, cause it's the only way I'll get better. Moreover, that's what I ask of you if you come across me here on dA, if you have time. :)

This is the second profile picture. It's been done by :iconaniseth-lightwing:, very talented artist and a kind person. If you haven't come across her gallery or her artwork, you don't know what you're missing. I'm thankful to her for doing this for me. This is the link to her profile: aniseth-lightwing.deviantart.c… .
EDIT: Happy Easter! I wish you the blessing of Christ risen and all graces you need in your life!

Greetings, DA travelers!

It's my birthday and I want to share with you what has happened in the past year. I'm aware I'm not active in the posting department, but I try to keep up with everyone I have on my watch list.

My studies are going fine, I'm almost done with undergraduate part of them. One subject and the final thesis are everything I need to pass it and go on to the graduate part. It's been a rough ride to pass some subjects, but the work I actually put into it paid off.

My writing is nonexistent, mainly because I like playing, watching stuff and reading too much. I don't know when I will write anything that's actually good enough for people to read. Wish me some hard working mentality so I start writing again. God knows I need it.

I'm continuing to proofread the chapters of Knights of the Grey City by :iconn-drayton:. I strongly suggest you start reading it so you're ready for the grand finale! I believe you will like the story.

I've got wishes to visit some places this year, I hope to realise them, but that depends on how well I do at college. :D Wish me luck, too!

I asked myself last year what my next birthday would look like. Well, it looks like lecture halls. Schedule is a bummer for Thuesday, too bad I got to have birthday on the worst lecture day of the week. xD Oh, well, you can't win them all.

Until next time, stay safe and God bless you. :)

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