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Framed Black Lotus


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Night-Gaunts over Kadath II


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The Hunter and the Sorcerer

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Mutant from Gamma World

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A Rough Stone Ax

A Rough Stone Ax When I was a lad, not yet a rogue, we sailed an icy morn'; at the helm stood Mōg – I shivered from cold, and shook from great fear; My teeth chattered loudly; I feared they'd hear; Mōg wished to take, Óle Hellström's keep, and planned that day to upon his foe creep – For Óle had slain, Mōg's youngest son; as Mōg would have it, vengeance be done; Our boatful of reavers hit the sand at dawn, which I lept in the water to drag the boat 'pon – We rowed all night to catch Hellström asleep, that Mōg might be assured a victory to reap; How had Óle knew? How, by &


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Avyctes and Pharpetron from The Double Shadow

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