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Tarzan Rescues the Moon - Jungle Tales of Tarzan

In Tarzan Rescues the Moon, the apes fear that Goro the Moon is being devoured by Numa of the sky -- Numa being the ape word for lion.  The story then details how Tarzan is fetched to save Goro, whom the apes worship, from his fate--which is a lunar eclipse.  

I was asked to do a piece based on Edgar Rice Burroughs' Jungle Tales of Tarzan, which turns 100 this year, for a small-batch fanzine.  In the end, it didn't make the Jungle Tales issue because of its vivid color.  I was at first flummoxed, because it was commissioned after all; then it was explained that color is used only for the covers, and by the time I had finished the covers were editorially 'set'.  At that point, my piece couldn't be used inside where only B&W pieces are allowed.  I understood, and the editor graciously promised to include my piece in the cover of the next issue.

This is an oil piece, done on an 11x14 gesso board.  What was new for me on this piece was playing with masking paint which I hadn't used before.  The blood moon and Tarzan figure and the tree with the apes were sketched on the board, then painted with the latex masking paint to protect them while the background was painted.  Once the background was completed, the latex was removed, and then the Tarzan figure was re-painted in masking paint while the moon was painted.  After that, our youthful Tarzan (all of these stories occur while Tarzan is a lad) was revealed, and then he and the apes were painted, together withe their tree, the foliage, clouds, etc.  It was quite a project--from my first initial sketches where I worked out Tarzan's pose to completion was 44 days.

I find it vivid, and hope some will enjoy seeing it.  I paint in a Bob Ross style (watching Bob is what inspired me to paint in the first place) and some may recognize in this piece some of the techniques Bob employed (I used the old paper towel and gesso trick for foliage details on the blank canvas, liquid clear overpaint, tap-tap-tap foliage, etc).
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