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NightGaunts Over Kadath

A clearer photo of the Night-Gaunt painting.  H. P. Lovcraft's Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath is rich with opportunity for paintings.  I'd love to see more oils based on these works.  As much as I love his horror and mythos material his fantastic dream-land stuff always gripped me more.  
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Awesome collection of Gaunts there, Cap'n!  I'm doing another of these, similar but different.  A friend wanted that one, so I framed and gifted it to him.  Thanks for checking out my gaunt painting!
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Cthulhu says you are welcome by CapnDeek373
I got gifted this... I'm a big Futurama fan and a big Blue Oyster Cult fan... (I know a couple of the guys that were part of the original lineup.)
BOC by kaspired
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"I know a couple of the guys that were part of the original lineup"

Holy frak!  About the closest I could come to that was I got to 'roady' for Alex Skolnick for like 10 seconds when he played The Empty Glass in Charleston, WV, and hang out with the whole band for a couple hours before show time.  It was awesome.  Skolnick is in my top-5 guitarists.  

By the way, are you a HPLHS member?  I see you're apparently familiar with Lovecraft's work.  If not, would love to have you on board -

I just ordered their production of The Whisperer in Darkness --- haven't watched it yet, waiting to be able to take it to a friend's house who's a huge fan as well. 

I'm planning another HPL oil -- the face of the god on Ngranek, from Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath.  Hope to start it soon; after I finish this second Night-Gaunt effort.
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I do know who Alex Skolnick is. I did listen to some Testament ages ago.
I'm more familiar with him from playing with the Trans Siberian Orchestra.
I know drummer Jeff Plate really well, and have jammed with him on various occasions.
(He plays in another band with some friends of mine)

I'm not a member of the HPLHS, but I do visit the page from time to time.