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The incident in Godric's Hollow

You have no idea the squees I made when our lecturer passed us this assignment. A Harry Potter fanart! Haven't done one in ages.

We're supposed to depict the Nagini fight with Harry before or during Hermione saved his sorry ass (and then broke his wand.. uh.. oops.)

Though the storyboard he gave us was the movie one, I thought I'd stick to book-Harry and book-Hermione (though you can't see that here.)

Nagini was very fun to paint. The others.. I didn't have enough time to refine in class :/
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If this is the book, then why aren't they polyjuiced?
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I was meant to be drawing Harry and Hermione, as they are, in my assignment brief... and because it was following movie restrictions, I guess I kept to that? Its been a while. I figured I could just extend my creative liberties and make them more to what I feel was the book-version of Harry and Hermione. I was supposed to keep them sorta recognizable. Good catch though! 
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Fair enough, and thanks. XD Great pic, at any rate.
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lol hermione in the backround
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Thank you! ;w;
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You're welcome!
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AGGGG I love it :wow:
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Ehheeeee thank you :'D
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Good action in this picture! Lots of movement! But Harry looks more like 14 than 17.
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... now that you've mentioned it.. x'D You're right. Oops.
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Maybe you could work in a few tiny angles in his face or make his eyes a little smaller or do whatever it is that makes people look older and be done with it ;)
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Haha possibly XD But I need to focus on other things, first. Some day, perhaps, I'll either redo this picture or fix it :) Thanks!
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This is brilliant! I love the colors :)
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I think I'm going to have nightmares again. I hated that part in the book! It was just as bad (terrifying) on-screen.
I'm glad you decided to go with the book version, because Harry's terror is so much more defined.
The perspective is amazing! I love the details you added, such as the chair, the curtains...
Just - wow.
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we were mostly made to follow the movie version, but then my lecturer gave us free reign. So long as it was the Nagini attack scene, he didn't mind. XD

Thanks! :')
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Estupendo!! Una de mis escenas favoritas!!
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Thank you! :') I love this scene too.
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This is so awesome! I can almost feel Harry's fear! Great job!
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Oh, thank you! :) I'm glad I managed to convey the emotion in this x'D
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You're welcome! :) Yeah, you totally succeeded!
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You've really captured the excitement and terror in this scene! :clap:
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