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Sonic in the lava reef

Sonic et Tails au lava reef zone (vision assez infernale de ma part.) de Sonic&Knucles sur mégadrive.
Un de mes niveaux préférés. ^^

Réalisation : Photoshop CS2.
Temps mit : une semaine.
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Hello, could I add this to the group mysticcavezone-tails.deviantar… ?
If so, just press yes on the request Thumbs Up 
please and thank you ;)
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I'll reference you; hope this is okay.
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If you don't mind, could you submit this to mysticcavezone-tails.deviantar… ?
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Can I have your permission to include this as a good example in a meme?
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If you want. ^^
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Can I include this in a group gallery?
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this Drawing makes the level looks very dangerous
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le travail sur je jeu de lumière et de la lave est tout simplement parfait
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WOW! I must say this is very impressive art here. But man...Sonic and Tails must be getting VERY HOT in there. I'm glad I'm not in there position.
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wow, this is, "golden"!
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DUDE! This is effing AMAZING! Words fail me!!! o.O
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Oh god. This is awesome
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OH GOD,ces effets!
Je suis fan de la musique de la premiére acte!
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If you think about it & look at the grand scope (like the vast backgrounds) of the levels in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Angel Island is HUGE! More like an floating continent...
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So much detail..... So amazingly inspirational <3
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As sonic says "Beautiful!"
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So much color and detail... Ir's blindingly gorgeous!

Nothing to say, just please keep doing what you're doing <3
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It is a shame that this level wiil not be available in Sonic Generations.

Maybe in a future DLC...
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AMAZING !! The Shading you did on Sonic and Tails and lighting is fantastic !!!
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