The Shendik List

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The Shendik List

This list contains the official Shendik-ranked horses in the group. Listed by ID ( :bulletred: Mare  |  :bulletorange: Stallion  |  :bulletyellow: Gelding  )
A star :star: is displayed for each time the horse reaches Shendik rank (two stars for double shendiks etc)

The title 'Shendik' literally means 'fire person' in native Fellish, from Shen (fire) and Dikek (person). It is a title used about a person of importance (a 'bigwig' if you will); often (but not exclusively) belonging to the nobility. In essence, all nobles are Shendiks, but not all Shendiks are noble. A powerful business person is also a Shendik.
'Shendin', meaning 'fire horse', is in fact another affectionate term for the Zlesdin breed in their home nation.

No ID (zoub's non-HARPG zlesdins):
Whom according to the images linked in their descriptions don't qualify for shendik, but who have been so extensively drawn outside of DA they still qualify ^^

:bulletorange: Igni  
:bulletyellow: Strejfer
:bulletred: Sorrig    


:bulletred:    ZM0001    |   ZS Zdrasti Adrenaline    |    :star:
:bulletred:    ZM0002    |   ZS Hilas Spinosa    |    :star: :star: 
:bulletorange:    ZS0005    |   ZS Sagadir    |    :star: :star: :star: :star:
:bulletorange:    ZS0009    |   Zarathustra    |    :star:  
:bulletorange:    ZS0032    |   Fox's Divine Intentions    |    :star:
:bulletorange:    ZS0033    |   SMS Shendik    |    :star:
:bulletred:    ZM0042    |   ZS Kvantespring    |    :star: :new:
:bulletred:    ZM0054    |   CAS Yelyzaveta    |    :star:
:bulletorange:    ZS0060    |   LWE's Ticci Toby    |    :star:
:bulletorange:    ZS0064    |   SV's Ba'al-zebub    |    :star:
:bulletred:    ZM0083    |   YGOS Zamira    |    :star:
:bulletred:    ZM0097    |   Philadelphia [SEH]    |    :star:
:bulletorange:    ZS0101    |   ZS Karn Evil    |    :star:
:bulletorange:    ZS0122    |   Shakespeare [SEH]    |    :star:
:bulletred:    ZM0129    |   Fox's Mallymkun    |    :star:
:bulletorange:    ZS0134    |   RD's Sir Dusk    |    :star:
:bulletorange:    ZS0141    |   RD Jagerpilot    |    :star:
:bulletorange:    ZS0144    |   BRS Xavier    |    :star:
:bulletorange:    ZS0147    |   AR Phantom of the opera    |    :star:
:bulletorange:    ZS0164    |   RD's Shah Cyrus    |    :star:
:bulletorange:    ZS0179    |   AR Town Crier    |    :star: 
:bulletred:    ZM0240    |   AR Princess of the Nile    |    :star: 
:bulletorange:    ZS0242    |   RFS Lumos    |    :star:
:bulletorange:    ZS0266    |   CBS Mezuzah    |    :star: :star: 
:bulletred:    ZM0288    |   LHK's Irish Amber    |    :star: :star: :star:
:bulletred:    ZM0297    |   LFF Zenanda    |    :star:
:bulletred:    ZM0297    |  ZM0299 7th Element    |    :star:
:bulletred:    ZM0302    |   LHK's Golden Whiskey    |    :star:
:bulletred:    ZM0303    |   WE Hucking Fell    |    :star:  
:bulletorange:    ZS0330    |   ASRC Hidden Fighter    |    :star: 
:bulletorange:    ZS0332    |   AR Phest Evil    |    :star: 
:bulletorange:    ZS0338    |   HSE Zanzibar    |    :star:
:bulletorange:    ZS0357    |   KBEC Phantom of the Opera    |    :star:
:bulletorange:    ZS0393    |   KBEC Fahrenheit 451    |    :star:
:bulletorange:    ZS0465    |   ASRC Highly Classified    |    :star:
:bulletred:    ZM0473    |   ASRC September's Skyline    |    :star: 
:bulletorange:    ZS0578    |   ASRC Cocktail Twist    |    :star:  :star: 
:bulletorange:    ZS0636    |   RE's Smoking Gun    |    :star:  
:bulletorange:    ZS0746    |   CS Wendigo    |    :star: 
:bulletorange:    ZS0764    |   ACE Hidden Atom    |    :star:  
:bulletorange:    ZS0831    |   Ignite The Fire    |    :star:  
:bulletorange:    ZS0908    |   ASRC Cosmic Slushie    |    :star:
:bulletorange:    ZS0377    |   SHS Rhapsody #7 in Blue    |    :star:
:bulletred:     ZS0713    |   SHS Lunar Eclipse    |    :star:
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