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Like many other breeds, the Zlesdin has its own point system. The system exists to make owning a Zlesdin a little more enjoyable and rewarding, and to encourage owners to have fun with their horses.
Only registered Zlesdins can level up in their rank. To check a Zlesdin's rank, search them by their ID in the registry journals. As a new feature since Oct 23, the latest Rank Note is now linked there for easy access for the owner and admins. This grants easier handling and that no ZP will get lost along the way!



1. Create a ZP Tracker
Bullet; Orange Can be (but not limited to) in the artist's description or comment section of your Registration Image, a stash file or offsite such as Google Docs/Sheets
Bullet; Orange One tracker per Zlesdin
Bullet; Orange Link all your images
Bullet; Orange Event entries need to have the event linked in the artist's description
Bullet; Orange Placings + Achievements need to be linked in the tracker (linked prizes/certificates do not count as proof. it needs to be the actual results journal)
Bullet; Orange Parent horses + foals only give rank specific ZP if they are officially ranked
Bullet; Orange Add and calculate your total ZP count

2. Note the Group
Once your horse reaches a new level, note the group with the following information:
Bullet; Orange Horse's Name: (+ link to their registration image and your tracker if it isn't included there)
Bullet; Orange ID:
Bullet; Orange Current Rank:
Bullet; Orange New Rank:

An admin will then check all the infos and reply with a confirmation + possible correction of your ZP count.
We will then link the note in the registry journal. You will automatically receive the prizes for your rank.
Please update your tracker according to the admin's reply before sending in a new rank note.



Bullet; Orange 0 - 10 ZP: Dimer
Bullet; Orange 11-25 ZP: Zayus
Bullet; Orange 26-45 ZP: Fleder | 10 Points from the Zlesdin group
Bullet; Orange 46-70 ZP: Tazer | 15 Points from the Zlesdin group
Bullet; Orange 71-100 ZP: Rhan | Title of Supreme Zlesdin + fav.me/d9sy1ss
Bullet; Orange 101-149 ZP: Khan | 50 Points from the Zlesdin group
Bullet; Orange 150 ZP: Shendik | Title of Shendik Zlesdin + fav.me/d9sy32w



Registration: 1 ZP (note: you must have this to collect other points)
Register your Zlesdin by noting the group with the horse's name, gender and the name of your stable.


:bulletorange: Each name in pedigree - 1 ZP
  Parent reaching Zayus: 2 ZP instead
  Parent reaching Fleder: 3 ZP instead
  Parent reaching Tazer: 5 ZP instead
  Parent reaching Rhan: 8 ZP instead
  Parent reaching Khan: 10 ZP instead
  Parent reaching Shendik: 12 ZP instead
ONLY FIRST DEGREE (dam + sire) count as 'parents'. All other names in lineage will count as 'name in pedigree'.

:bulletorange: Each purebred offspring - 1 ZP
  Offspring reaching Zayus: 2 ZP instead
  Offspring reaching Fleder: 3 ZP instead
  Offspring reaching Tazer: 4 ZP instead
  Offspring reaching Rhan: 6 ZP instead
  Offspring reaching Khan: 8 ZP instead
  Offspring reaching Shendik: 10 ZP instead

NOTE: There is a pedigree point cap - henceforth (By December 2023), you can only gather ZP from as many ancestors as listed in this basic pedigree form - counting parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. 
This means that the highest total amount of ZP you can gather from a horse's pedigree is 36 ZP (two shendik parents + filled out pedigree). 

------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown
----------------- SS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
----------------- SD Unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
----------------- DS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DDS: Unknown
----------------- DD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: Unknown

There is no point cap on number of offspring

Show entries:
:bulletorange: Full-body: 5 ZP
:bulletorange: Half-body: 3 ZP
:bulletorange: Animation (full movement): +5 ZP to standard rate*
:bulletorange: Animation (simple, such as flicking ear):  + 1 ZP to standard rate*
*Add the additional ZPs to the other points. A full-body illustration + full movement animation would thus be 5 ZP + 5 ZP = 10 ZP).

Extra images/arrival pictures/vet inspections do not count as 'entries', but as 'training/other'. Read more further down =)

Show placing:
:bulletorange: 1st place: 5 ZP
:bulletorange: 2nd place: 3 ZP
:bulletorange: 3rd place: 2 ZP

Training/other images:
:bulletorange: Full-body: 3 ZP
:bulletorange: Half-body: 2 ZP
:bulletorange: Full-body sketch (uncoloured): 1 ZP
:bulletorange: Half-body sketch (uncoloured): 0,5 ZP
:bulletorange: Chibi: 2 ZP
:bulletorange: Animation (full movement): +5 ZP to standard rate*   |  + 3 XP for each additional 10 frames 
:bulletorange: Animation (simple, such as flicking ear): + 1 ZP to standard rate*
*Add the additional ZPs to the other points. A full-body illustration + full movement animation would thus be 3 ZP + 5 ZP = 8 ZP).

Art by others:
:bulletorange: Your horse drawn by another artist: 1 ZP

equiBREAK training courses

Bullet; Orange Foal graduation: + 5 ZP
Bullet; Orange Foal top graduation: + 8 ZP

Bullet; Orange Horse graduation: + 5 ZP
Bullet; Orange Horse top graduation: + 8 ZP

Please link the proof your graduation in your tracker.

Equine Certifications training courses

Bullet; Orange Certification: + 2 ZP
Bullet; Orange Reaching five stars: + 5 ZP
Bullet; Orange Champion title: + 10 ZP

Please link the proof your graduation in your tracker.
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Does a fullbody reference sheet count for zp points? (Presumably the +3 under other images?) or just the +1 for registration?