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As of now, there are a few ways to obtain a Zlesdin:

• Adopt an import - imports can usually be obtained by either art or points. Import sheets will be regularly submitted to the group.
• Order a custom import - simply note the group the desired colour, markings and gender. Custom imports can be obtained for 75 points.
(read further down)
• Breeding - this is pretty self-explanatory. Breeding a new foal from two existing Zlesdins is obviously possible. Parent horses must be older than 3 years old, and for the foal to be accepted as purebred Zlesdin both parents have to be registered.


Custom imports are available as prizes at select shows and sometimes for ordering (check the front page for OPEN/CLOSED status). Ordered customs are 75 :points: no matter the gender/markings/colour - provided the desired colour exists in the breed.
Leopard horses cannot be ordered as customs. 

Zlesdin colours/markings
:bulletblack: Chestnut, bay, buckskin and black - most common colours. Copper-sheened chestnuts are traditionally considered the most prized.
:bulletblack: Cremello, perlino, palomino, grey, sabino, dun and roan - less common, but not considered rare.
:bulletblack: Rabicano, silver and chubari - occasionally seen.
:bulletblack: Pearl, champagne, pangaré, brindle, dominant white - very rare, but not unheard of.
NOTE: Rarity of a given colour does not make it more valuable. 

Colours/markings not found in the breed are:
:bulletred: Splash, tobiano, overo and tovero.
For Leopard, read here:
Ink stains | ZLESDIN NEWS by Zoubstance <-- IMPORTANT
The Leopard Complex by Zoubstance  <-- Rules of Leopard patterns

To order a custom Zlesdin note the Zlesdin group with the desired colour, markings and gender. Please do not transfer points in advance. Wait for my 'go' ^^
I will let you know when the import is ready and of course give you the chance to request changes to the design =)
Please send custom import requests to the group only and not to my personal profile. I lose track of them ^^;
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Hello! If wanted to breed a new foal, would it have to be from the group horses? And would it have some sort of fee, breeding image or something of sorts?