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Cross-breeding Zlesdins with other horse breeds is permitted by the group - in essence, you can do whatever you want with your own horse. Not all Zlesdin-owners allow their respective horses to be cross-bred, though. Please always follow the rules and regulations of the horse-owner if you are contemplating using a horse you don't own for cross-breeding.

When it comes to cross-breeding there are some different rules depending on what you choose to cross-breed with.

Part-bred Zlesdins are horses with one Zlesdin parent and one parent from the list of horses of the following breeds:

• Russian Don
• Saddlebred
• Akhal teke
• Karabakh
• Budyonny
• Morgan
• Thoroughbred
• All RL warmblood breeds (KWPN, DWB, SWB, trakehner, westphalian, holsteiner, hanoverian ---) 
• Obertaurer + admiralskaya

AND they must:

• Be able to perform the gait Skeggas
• Not be a colour that doesn't exist in the Zlesdin breed
• Possess the vitality of a Zlesdin

These horses can be registered as (half-) Zlesdins in the group and are allowed to follow the Zlesdin point system. When bred to purebred Zlesdins these horses will produce purebred offspring, but two part-bred Zlesdins cannot produce a purebred foal.

Note that the Zlesdin parent will not gain any ZP for a part-bred offspring.



Pure Zlesdin horses are approved for Elohim Enochiari foundations.



While breeding your Zlesdin to any other breed than the above-mentioned is possible, the offspring cannot be registered as Zlesdin.
This means that they cannot follow the point system.

Also note than parent Zlesdins do not gain ZPs for cross-bred offspring.

Questions? Feel free to ask =)
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Sorry if I’m blind or annoying, but I just wanted to make sure im not wrong ^^; So we can breed Zlesdins with different horse breeds, but they will not be registered as a Zlesdin, right? Thank you! :)