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Welcome to the Zlesdin Registry!

The purpose of this group is to offer Zlesdin owners (and others with interest in the breed) a registry where they can see the registered horses, find info about the breed and keep track of the rules to owning one.

Note that this group is 100% non-profit - points made from selling imports will be stored by the group for use as future contest prizes and level-up rewards. Shows will be held regularly.

We have a Discord server

Come join the funnn ~

Customs are: CLOSED

Please send custom requests to the group and not to Zoubstance.

The Zlesdin breed was created by Zoubstance and is bound by certain rules.

A few basics:

If you have any questions, feel free to note the group c:

Please follow the rules/guidelines listed throughout the group

I reserve the right to make changes to the breed (...I doubt any major changes will happen, however ^^ )


Current Group Events

Skeggas on Ice - Lake Abraham Edition | Training Event

Deadline: March 1st

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Group-sponsored shows

SMR Valentine's Show

Deadline: April 21st

Urban Run - XC Games edition in Goricas

Deadline: May 17th

Zlesdin navigation

- About the breed -

Information about the breed, its origin and its uses.

- How to get a Zlesdin -

An explanation of the different ways of obtaining a Zlesdin. Also contains information about ordering customs.

- Registration -

The benefits of registering and how to do it.

- Breeding -

Your one stop source for all things breeding--

- Buying/selling -

How to go about buying/selling horses between users.

- The Registry -

The complete list of Zlesdins registered in the group.

- Point system -

A detailed walk-through of the Zlesdin point system and a list of its rewards.

- The Shendik List -

A list of high-ranked Zlesdins in the group.

- Cross-breeding -

Rules for crossbreeding Zlesdins.

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