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FUCK censorship


Once upon a time in our school's library, I picked up an issue of Time magazine with an article about Robert Mapplethorpe's X Portfolio. I have read of this awesome photographer before (in a book), and I simply love this dude, NOT only because of the content of the photos, but also the nerve he had to do such thing. It takes a lot of courage doing just that.

Plenty of good art that had been so censored for such content (remember that infamous fig leaf and the censor bar?). I also had a bad issue with some kids' show about swearing and avoiding it. I mean, come on, how can kids learn the words to avoid saying if they would censor them anyway? So pointless, dude.

Oh, and nudity in the arts is different from pornography. There's a huge gap between the two, and a lot of bigots confuse those stuff.

Of course, I am a Roman Catholic and I have my morals, too, but seriously, it's the twenty-first century. Times change.

Done while listening to Der Letzte Ake by L'Âme Immortelle
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I absolutely agree with your comment :)
But i will had this with your permission: you don't need to justify your comment with the religious element.
You can have high morals and be without religion, without a god.
Human sexual organs are «natural»; the Vatican covered de penis of statues with vine leaves. Funny and tragic.

Done while listening to Downfall of Nur (Umbras de Barbagias).
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Censorship seems very pointless to me. Sure there probably should be certain time when kids should learn about censored things, but censorship isn't going to keep them from that. I mean, they get undressed to take a bath, and their parents words aren't getting censored. So either way, I think censorship kinda fails. There are kids the age of 5 cussing.
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Yeah, but usually those five-year-olds don't even know what the curse words mean...
If their parents didn't say "you'll find out when you're older" they would know.
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I miss shows when shows didn't have alot of censorship. Remember the PPG there was blood on the shows intro. I loved it, I hate how censorship ruined it. Especially for Anime censorship!
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I don't understand why there's censorship at all, even when little kids are involved. What harm is done to them if they see something that apparently they 'shouldn't see'?
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I agree with you on this completely. I know of the infamous leaf, and then of course the blur/censor bar and such. I am also aware that just because that something is nude, does not make it porno.

[Of course I haven't looked at that type of art for a little while too. xD]
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It depends. Not everyone is comfortable drawing a guy's junk or lady parts. :shrug:
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Unless porn is explicitly defined as anything depicting some form of sexual intercourse between two people or a single person in the process of masturbation, please explain how nudity in the arts is any different from pornography.
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"Done while listening to Der Letzte Ake by L'Âme Immortelle"
As if I didnt have enough reasons to fave this already :D
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I think censorship can be biased in some regards. I mean, people say value free speech but then want to censor those who don't share their political views or beliefs. It seems people don't realize how hypocritical they are :no:
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There are things that shouldn't be censored, and I believe there are things that should be censored. Books most definitely shouldn't be under any kind of censorship, and the same goes with certain TV shows. But when little kids are around, I can understand where parents could get concerned if their exposed to adult content. But I guess that's where the parental guidance rating comes in handy. It's up to the parents when to keep them from the content and when not to...and if they fail to then that's when they blame the show or the book, or whatever. :shrug: Go figure.
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On TV and cinema, we show weapons, wars, destruction even to kids, but we shouldn't show sexual acts or 2 men or 2 women kissing? Strange values.
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Censorship is a bit fine with me, though not much. Yet there are some people who think that seeing a naked woman in a painting is called ';pornography' even if it's not supposed to.
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I couldn't agree more with you.
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i agree i was writing some poetry once and it had some stuff that people thought was... different but it was symbolic of alot of stuff that was happening in my life and instead of letting me explain and have my freedom of speach they went calling me a emo, sickminded, suicidal son of a bitch who should get hit by a bus. lol FUCK CENSORSHIP!
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Wow, that was tough...usually the problem is that people don't try to open their minds to many other things.
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yeah which sucks T-T but still love it either way^^
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