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Trippy Lights

By Zlatty
This picture is actually a photograph. But it makes a very sweet wallpaper so I though I would share it with you all.

Nikon Coolpix 4500

Shutter: 2.0 sec
Aperture: F3.3
ISO 100

Post Production:
Resized in Paint Shop Pro 7.

Zlatko Unger 2002.
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Image size
1600x1200px 1.58 MB
© 2002 - 2021 Zlatty
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Woooooooooooooooooooooooah. That is so beautiful *eyes glaze over from its epicness*
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what exatly is it i know its lights but from what, also check out roman candle war in my gallery to lazy right now to add a link im bout to go to bed and its 6am you understand
Zlatty's avatar
its christmas lights ... :P
PhoTopHoReuzE's avatar
WaaAaOoO it's very beautiful :)
Zlatty's avatar
hehehe thanks
Aladriel's avatar
oooo shiney lol. very cool
turn2002's avatar
this is cool man!
mnoo's avatar
Oh I'm loving the colours. :excited:
tiagotejo's avatar
Curious and a very magical and beautiful effect. ;)
t3nt's avatar
great photo!!!!
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Your photos are becoming more fascinating with each one. The colors in this contrast each other extremely well, and come together to make one uniformed image. I'm not sure what exactly the light is coming from, the whole photo has a very powerful feel to it.
Alter8Ego's avatar
Something about them light photos :wow:

Full view really delivered which on the techincal side equates a darn good quality photo to begin with.
Capturing the light fenomenon in motion is by far not an underexplored subject matter, but due to it's very nature it is almost bound to give unique results every time.

This one in particularl stands out with me, as it features multiple spectrum frequencies intertwined at play. Visually it has an endless potential to engage the viewer.

There is also an almost symbolic sense of composition, as it's not just a happen to be shot, but there is concept of the body of light expanding from the bottom right corner from the brightness core, into the dynamic streaks and rays of colorful highlights.

Good abstract work here :nod:
smallandbubbly's avatar
cool colours and circular sweeps :D nice shot and compositioning! (if that's a word)
h3wi3ntj4h's avatar
how partylike!

very pleasant image to look at

makes u joyfull in a second with all those dancing lightz:)
paintedangel's avatar
That's just wild! There's so many colours and details to see in there, it's something that seems to play with your eyes. I especially love that it's big though, it fits my screen well, and it's almost overwhemling with the amount of movement. Almost makes me dizzy, great work!
virus610's avatar
looks like you have veyr rapid hand movements, but were do you get a camera with a 2 second shutter, it sounds like something that would be old, or modified to do such a thing, but nice picture really cool looking
franticflame's avatar
I love expiramental photography. This is why =) (Smile)
Someday I hope I can afford a nice digital camera so I can stop waisting film on failed expiraments though ^_^
BlueBladedStar's avatar
Very funky pic! Nod Love the contrast of the bright coloured lights against the dark background. What is the photo of exactly?
explodingheadboy's avatar
Awesome, reminds me of one of thos fiber optic party lights going crazy after you flick it a few times.
papertigress's avatar

look at the preety lights... :) (Smile)

Love it! ;) (Wink) keep it going! U rock!
ink-brains2's avatar
whoa... trippy... really cool :) (Smile)
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