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.: SwapOut : UT Comic [BEGIN] :.

By ZKCats
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Chapter 01 - Page 00

An Undertale/Underswap fan comic

verb \ˈswäpaʊt\

1. To transfer (memorycontents) into a swap file.
2. (transitive or intransitive) To exchange (something or someone) for an unused (or less-used) equivalent.

tl;dr - SwapOut : To remove something and replace or exchange it.


Reblog from my tumblr (plus alt. cover) here! : cats-artbag.tumblr.com/post/14…
Russian translation : vk.com/album-150088424_2454278…
Thai translation : www.facebook.com/pg/BoneZoneSa…
Polish translation : nessa-translations.blogspot.sg…
Spanish translation : www.youtube.com/watch?v=iscZ-Y… :new:


GUYS, I am so stoked to get this thing started and KEEP IT GOING until the very end.

All my past attempts at a complete, full comic have ended even before they began, and that's mostly because I've never planned out the whole story beforehand. I'm really hoping this time is different! The idea for this started in April and the script for this had been in the works since early May and is DONE and ready to be thumbnailed and drawn out.

My headcanon may not be as long and as well thought out as AMAZING people like WilyArt and Loverofpiggies aka :iconthecrayonqueen: and other people i fail to remember because I'm already just so tired ;w; but hey, it's a start! There might even be similar ideas already existing but this shall be my own version and I am going through with it, no matter what :heart:

It's been a while since I actually drew comics, let alone a FULL comic story. And... well, I don't usually 'love' my works, but man, my thumbnails for the next few pages turned out pretty nice! They reminded me why I love making comics~ I've just never had the time to do these kinds of personal/fanart comics aside from comic assignments, which is a bummer.

I don't have a set schedule for this, but I'm... gonna be brave and try to get one page every week/2 weeks until school starts (most probably on a weekend). I know I'll most probably go on hiatus once school starts again but I am at least going to start it off! 8U

[SPOILER] This whole idea all started with this sketch : cats-artbag.tumblr.com/post/14…

Meanwhile I'll still be doing those commissions among other things QwQ

Underswap (C) @popcornpr1nce and@coastrobbo - underswapped.tumblr.com/
Undertale (C) Toby Fox
Art & Concept (C) Me


art thieves are scum and will never be truly loved. do art through your own effort.
if you see this re-posted/re-coloured by anyone else other than my accounts and claiming it's theirs, it was stolen. please report.
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Amazing drawing!

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Amazing drawing
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MrPorkchopHotdogGuyHobbyist Digital Artist

If it's alright with you, I would like to use a panel or two from this comic on a thumbnail for a song on Soundcloud.

Proper credits will be given if you were to agree.

The song can be found here: soundcloud.com/fujimusic1/sast…
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tashhhh4 Digital Artist
"All my past attempts at a complete, full comic have ended even before they began, and that's mostly because I've never planned out the whole story beforehand."

Relatable xD
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I just saw this on youtube and didnt actually got to read the WHOLE thing XD XD

Finally found it! XD
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May I translate it to french ?
Of course you'll be fully credited.
I would also like to get the permission to DUB it (still in french).
The original page will be linked in the description, of course.
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I wonder if i can have your permission to translate your comic?
I will post your comic in our group on facebook, i can give you the link to it if you want
And don't worry, i'll let the link to your comic and the main page of yours when i post
It's okay if you don't want to give the permission for me, i respect your opinion
And thank you for reading this TvT

(P/s: Sorry, my English is bad......)
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ZKCatsProfessional Digital Artist
Sure! Yes be sure to put the links and credit and also tell me what language you're translating to.

Sorry I wasn't feeling well and had to go off after posting the page earlier.
Cherrysday's avatar
It's okay ^^
And thanks for your permission (i'm so freaking happy :33)
By the way, i'll translate it to Vietnamese, fun right? ;3
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AnarchyKJHobbyist Digital Artist
I was wondering if I could dub this series and upload it on Youtube?
You will be credited in both the description and video if so!
Thanks for the consideration!! qwq
ZKCats's avatar
ZKCatsProfessional Digital Artist
Yeah! As long as the credits and links are there I'm fine with it!
Thanks for the interest! :love:
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AnarchyKJHobbyist Digital Artist
thank you!!! 
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OMG gute Arbeit!!!...
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A cool start to your comic  :D
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LizztaleHobbyist Writer
I watched a dub, loved it, never found it again.
Months later, browsing random comics...
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PikeseriaStudent General Artist
Heeeyy, could I translate your comic in french someday ? :)
ZKCats's avatar
ZKCatsProfessional Digital Artist
Yeah sure go ahead! As long as you credit and link back to me :heart:

If you're the anon who asked me on tumblr quite some time ago I apologize for not replying fast ;w;/
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PikeseriaStudent General Artist
Nah, I don't have Tumblr ! But if someone wants to do it, I won't steal their job xD
Anyway, I'll of course credit you if I do it. Thanks !
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WeirdoTheWeirdnessHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm shaking! This is gonna be awesome!! 
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UndertaleComicTVStudent Digital Artist
Hi  ZKCats111. You are Awesome Artist . We are wondering that We can dub Your Undertale Comics ? Please We will credit your comics in videos and description, sure that It could be help you to get more than followers and viewers. We are A Team with Awesome Voice Actors and try to work the best .

Example of our dub videos in Underplayer Comics.

All the best for you and your family. Thank you so much
ZKCats's avatar
ZKCatsProfessional Digital Artist
Hi there! :wave: Oh wow that would be amazing! I was surprised when I saw Kimlinh Tran worked on that, I love her work on Dust : AET as Fidget :heart:

Sure, I'd love to hear it dubbed by you guys! Thank you so much!! :love::heart:
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TheNewQueenOfGamesHobbyist General Artist

I know exactly, what will help.


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MrIHaveASwordHobbyist Traditional Artist
You need the link for the next page.
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