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College Years: Mission Mode

Kim and Ron are in a mission where a bunch of the villains join forces with their Monkey Bot 1.0. I tinkered with the supersuits so they're more casual, since I think that the characters would want the more "off the shelf" look.

Also, I was going for the cutout style of the 50s posters, not sure if I did that right though.
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Monty! You're Alive!
MarioLuigiBellaBase's avatar
Kermitthefrog223456's avatar
Sweet, new suits.
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I just want to say that Ron and Ed's "sissy slap-fight" makes this picture the epic that it is. :thumbsup:
Beaglebub's avatar
Awesome! Having KP College Years adventures on TV would be a no brainer.
bookmaniac2013's avatar
wow, i just looked at all your stuff, and you're a really good painter!
Skoshi8's avatar
Love those KP fight scenes!
Jose-Ramiro's avatar
Really cool. And Ron and Ed's 'fight' as background... nice touch.
kimronfanclub's avatar
LOL love it, except that howcome Kim is wearing her old mission clothes instead of her new purple one?
Kabocha24's avatar
MONKEY FIST!!!!!!! :excited: FAVE!!!!!!!!
PriestessOfNox's avatar
Love the interaction between the characters.
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Nice new design of mission clothes,and I like Ron and Motor Ed slapping each other's hands at the background :D
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*giggle* Ron and Motor Ed are limp-wristed fighting ^^

Love your College Year images.
SherbertTCat's avatar
The style looks dead on!
JohnnyS86's avatar
Cool artwork!!! Love it!!!
Nicaella's avatar
*shrieks* Monty's in it! XD Awesome, beautiful work! Wow! :w00t:
IncrediRaider8's avatar
BRAVO!!!! I really liked the color scheme & basic layout of this pic...the characters are drawn really well, dude your fan art basically owns everybody elses's!

ToozBear's avatar
lol ron and his lil slap fight
phantom-paranormal's avatar
The slap fight!And the mini rufus! this is so funny!
and why does the golf gy(eh...forgot the name...) look as though he's aiming to hit kim's leg?
Doug4422's avatar
VERY NICE :-) MUST FAV !!! :-)
Vampirella87's avatar
Pretty! Good job :heart:
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