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July 24, 2010
The plain and simple vectors really add to the impact of Concert Poster by ~Zivrezcara and the range of colors is catching the attention. A stunning work.
Featured by Lilyas
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Concert Poster

Poster for a concert... all the proceeds are being donated to Invisible Children: [link]

Reference photo from flickr:

WOW! After having been running around all day, I come home and log on to dA thinking that there was some crazy lag on my messages for a few months.. (300?!?!)

I was really floored to find out that I got a dd... Thank you everyone for the delightful comments, and to ^Lilyas for the feature. It was really sweet, and I appreciate it considering there are so many better works here in the community.

I will try my best to thank everyone who fav'd and commented.. but it'll take a little bit :D
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Wow. Stunned at first sight!
how much will it cost me for a video toturial of this poster....thanks...happy new year
i luv this work so much i want to use it as my logo. wonderful work Zive
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I am just back from Uganda where I have started putting in place a counseling/Art Therapy service in an orphanage for former child soldiers and war orphans.

I have just finished editing a short movie clip I made while I was there. As you’ll see, I am no Coppola or iMovie genius, but I think it’s still OK. Well, it’s real! And have no fear, it’s not all doom and gloom, there’s a fun happy ending!

I’d really appreciate if you could forward it to everybody you know, and if possible, ask them to do the same. Hopefully it’ll help to promote the awareness and the sponsorship of war orphans at POCP.
Here is the link:
Thank you.
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Oh my eyes stay on it from 5 minutes and wondering how can it be so simple and wonderful. Amazing work!

P.s. Can you show some tuts, or explain the way of how you do the face, amazing, amazing,amazinng.
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Oh hey, thanks :D

Umm, I'm not really good at tutorials, since I work intuitively on everything and there's no exact process.... but for this I use the photo reference and used the pen tool in illustrator to find the shapes I saw in the shadows, and then messed around with the pathfinder tool palette to divide where the shapes overlapped... then changed the color obviously. :) Hope that helps.
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It helps, thanks!
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This style is awesome. I love the colours you chose~
I think you have great creative skills!
Congrats. Like it realy a lot.
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very like this!!!
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Just fantabulous.................
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I like it very cold
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Wow, what to say. This is one of most eye catching posters ive seen in a very long time. Really brilliant work and im envious!
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Thank you for such a sweet comment! I just try to work for the heart and embrace my love for little details. :)
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Beautiful use of colors... and for a cause....
Congrats on the DD
Deserved... :)
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Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment :D
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I must say it's a good poster, with nice composition and has a relaxing feel, however, there are some details that (in my personal opinion) doesn't quite fit:

1. While the vector shapes are really good and toghether form the kid's face, i feel that the cyan shape in the right part of his face was a bit unnecesary. It creates tension and its a bit annoying, i think that it can be redifined to make a more smooth shape.

2. The fonts: I think 3 fonts for this poster were too much. while i like the font for "rock with a reason", the other two (Impact and Gill Sans i believe) doesn't quite mix with the theme, they feel like out of place. Modifying the leading and the tracking for the texts could give a better impression and have more space.

3. Maybe im being a bit picky, but, the piece would have looker better if the texts and the face were vertically aligned. Because the current aligment (text on the sides) creates an odd visual balance (more weight on the left than the right).

Well, these are my two cents on your poster. Im not really a professional when it comes to graphic design because there's more stuff i need to learn about this profession, but i hope that those details helps you to make better stuff.

I readed that you were in a hurry when you did this and, for a reduced deliver date, you did a quite good job on this. There are some details (as i pointed out) but, when you are in a rush to finish something that needs to be delivered in a short ammount of time, your mind goes "SSSSHHIITTT I HAVE TO DELIVER THIS NOW, GOTTA RUSH THE FUCK UP!" and you forget those little details.

Good luck with whatever type of projects you encounter in the future.
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It's always so nice when some can give you criticism without being a snob/jerk about it, and I really appreciate it. :)

I did this quite a while ago as a favor and was going through a phase of blocking off type which I didn't want to compromise when the person I did it for kept telling me to make "rock for a reason" bigger and bigger..which I had to comply with. At the time I wasn't really to put my foot down about things with "clients" (a friend of my sister's really). That totally isn't an excuse, but I didn't know how to deal with it at the time and just wanted to make people happy.

The alignment has constantly bothered me, but looking back there are tons of other solutions I could have gone with had I been more stubborn in some places and less stubborn in others.

Mostly I just wanted to created a face that was partially invisible.. which I think I communicated BUT there's always room for improvement! While making this I gained some new techniques, but since then have learned not to settle when things don't feel right. Hopefully when I finish school I'll be more more confident in myself, hehe.

Thanks for commenting :)
Hi, your work is amazing. Can I use it for the wall in my iphone? Just for personal use, no release. Thanks.
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