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July 24, 2006
An absolute stunner from this brand new deviant. Be sure to check out Rage over Babylon by ~ZivCG
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Rage over Babylon


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It was just another silent, peaceful day in Babylon, the center of all cultures, 5,500 years ago when all of a sudden,
clouds strangely started to gather over the Tower of Babel. Most people kept at their daily business,
not even realizing that the very existence of the tower had angered God. The first to realize what was happening were the animals.
They sensed something was wrong and begun panicking slightly before there were even signs of the chaos that was about to hit the tower.
After a short while the sky started to shape in an unnatural way, being very bright on one side and dark on the other.
This was in fact a revelation of God himself. At this point most people still didn't know what was going on and while some stood shocked and terrified,
others were fascinated by the spectacular view. Some people still kept at their daily occupations ignoring all the signs.
Moments later, the ground which the tower was built upon started trembling, increasingly shaking the very foundations of the tower.
Thats the point when this image takes place - just about the last second the Tower of Babylon stood tall, when it just started cracking up
(the lower stories beared the highest pressure) and a few moments before it collapsed and changed the face of human history forever.
While watching helplessly as mankinds' greatest creation began crumbling into nothing more than bricks and dust the confusion just got much greater
as God started to spread different languages among the cultures resulting in anger and forever separating mankind into many groups.

UPDATE 5/11/06 - I've made a detailed "making - of" describing the main points in creating this images - [link]
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wow amazing 👌