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Volume Bar 1.1

A Volume Controller by scrolling or dragging or just a press!

You can change the scale from right click / settings
Skin color
Gradient color
Gradient opacity
Hide icon and text

Update 25 Jan 2021

This update includes:

* New Variants
* New Icons
* You can start scrolling from anywhere

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Amazing! Thanks!

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Also, i don't know if it's a bug or not, but when you use your cursor to set the volume to 100% (and you're slightly 'aggressive' in doing so, and your mouse gets past the max point, breaking the limit i guess), and then you want to lower the volume, but this time using the mouse wheel, it gets stuck. Same goes with 0%

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this is awesome! i do have a question, is i possible to rotate it a bit, so it makes a certain angle? What would i need to modify/add?

While I'm going to install it, a popup window shows up and says "you need to install the package". Which package?

Oh no no, I get it! Sorry, my mistake!

This is gorgeous, thank you. A music player using the same aesthetic would be sweet too.

please make slide

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Perfect! Thanks a lot! :)

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Very nice, thanks!

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how can we install this item?

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You must have rainmeter

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