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Hello everyone :)


I deleted main journal on Amarie's page

It's :iconzitukx: here again ;)

Just two small things. I am afraid that I might have misled some of you. I do apologise.

  1. This journal is not a hidden message "bad husband is watching you filthy men flirting with my wife". Not at all! I am really happy that she has friends and admirers in so many of you :) There is nothing wrong you are doing (in my opinion) and there is nothing I would not have known before of :) We are open to each other and we know what other one is doing. No secrets. She is sharing her online life with me, unless one of you is a really close friend to my wife and specifically requested to discuss some very private matter so even I won't know about it. I am transparent to her too. So there is nothing you should change in your behaviour or be ashamed of. I also do adore and admire Amarie and I understand really well how natural it is to approach her in a humble and admiring way :) As long as you not use her or her persona for some pagan-connected rituals, please feel free to carry on as you do :) Also please rest assured I am not taking an opportunity to screen her messages here. I am too busy running our shop to even schedule her photos, not to mention reading some messages. TL;DR: please carry on in approaching Amarie as you used to before I posted this journal :)
  2. I am not using this opportunity to take advantage of any of you or to save on gifts for Amarie :facepalm: I just thought she would be very happy to receive some actual letters or cards from you. And maybe some gifts, if any of you would like to. My only goal here is to make her smile and feel happy. As I know from her, she talks with about dozen people here and she likes you very much. Many of you send her wishes anyway, just by using notes or emails. Maybe it's just me, but I feel that simply putting a little extra effort (which I am happy to add myself) like printing off and putting it to a nice envelope (which I have plenty of in stock - we run a stationery shop, remember? ;P) gives that little extra spark of joy. To me it is a bit nicer and more personal. That opening an envelope, holding paper, feeling a little bit more connected without that barrier of a PC screen... I don't know. Maybe I am old-fashioned... Anyway by no means I was trying to say that you either don't care about her nor I was trying to push any of you to spending extra money... I will cover all costs of printing a letter. Money will be involved only, if you would like to buy her an actual greetings card or a gift to be put under a Christmas Tree or to be given to her on her birthday. TL;DR: printing your wishes off and passing them over as a letter costs you nothing :) I have no intention on making any of you give me money, unless you would like to give Amarie something extra. I don't take any fees, interests or tips of anything you would like to give her.

As you probably know Anna :iconamarie-tinuviel: is away for some days. I had to stay, so I am going to schedule Anna's recent photos :)

In the meantime, as she is not checking her account so often I allowed myself to share here something.

You see Anna is having birthday on a date close to Christmas. I know she has friends in many of you  That's why I came up with few short ideas for these of you, who would like to make that time more special for her and surprise her :)

  1. You can send to me (:iconzitukx:) your wishes to Anna. I can simply print them off on a nice paper and put to an envelope (I will cover all the costs) or you can send me money to buy her a card you would like her to receive from you. Clintons has some nice cards and so does Etsy. I can then write your wishes or print them and attach to the card with adhesive. If you would like to buy card for her, contact me by 30th of November. If you would like to, you can go for separate cards for Christmas and her birthday :)
  2. If you would like to make a digital gift for her, please contact me by 3rd of December. If you would like to, I will happily print off your artwork on a nice high quality card, so she can receive it to her hands ;) I can also print your wishes on the back of the card. (I will cover all costs of printing)
  3. If any of you would like to buy her some gift, please get in touch. I know few things she would like from local shops plus I can buy something from the Internet. We will figure out best way to transfer the funds for that purchase. I will order that under my name, so she wouldn't know it's something for her. Later I will wrap it in nice paper and attach a gift tag that the present is from you.

If you have any questions or you would like to participate, send me a note or comment under this entry.

I am going to delete copy of this journal on Anna's page after weekend to make sure she won't notice it. One on my page is going to stay live.

Thanks to all of that Anna won't notice (hopefully) this small action ;)

Please don't ask Anna about that thing. I want it to be a nice surprise for her :)

All the very best to all of you!

Christopher (ZituKX)

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