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Hello everyone :)

Recently I got a couple of enquiries and orders, so I thought I would clear some things to avoid replying to same questions :)

1. Yes, I am happy to do paid commission for you

Recently I did a couple of paid orders for giantess collages. There are 2 ways to pay for your commission, which slightly differ in price:

$4 (excluding tax) cost commission for 1 giantess collage placed by my PATREON. It is best way for these of you who would like to get an artwork done every month ;)


£5 (it's GBP not USD. That's total amount) cost commission for 1 giantess collage placed by giving me Amazong gift card :)

IMPORTANT: before buying commission please make sure that I am actually able to make the collage for you.

It might happen that there will be no way to find or use good quality photograph of the lady you wish to see bigger.

Please note that I am not very happy to do :points:point commission anymore, however if this is the only way you can pay, we can agree some slightly higher fee and I should be OK with accepting such way of payment :)

If you are interested in more sophisticated commissions, please get in touch :) All money collected are added to my funds for new PC :)

2. I might be keen to do something for free

I am open for ONLY 2 types of free orders/requests:

For free you can request a giantess collage with Amarie-Tinuviel

For free you can request a recycled collage

Recycling works as follows: You ask me to use a model from one of my existing collages and put it for a background used in other one:
Necklaces of Power - Page9 by ZituKX +  Growing Goddess of Apocalypse 2 by ZituKX 
=  Maria in the city by ZituKX

Please note I might decline your request if I am too busy or if I don't like your idea. If you choose a very old collage for recycling, I might not have access to it's resources anymore. I used to use COREL instead of PHOTOSHOP and some time ago I lost my PC where I had COREL and all these collages in editable state.

3. I am at the moment too busy to take on any more art trades or collaborations.

I already work on one plus I still learn my online course for PHOTOSHOP. I might be happy to start new trade or collab only with people I did so in the past as we worked out good routine.


If you came here from Giantess City and you would like to place a request, please send me PRIVATE MESSAGE on Giantess City website

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Submitted on
May 21