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First of all I'd like to thank you for this year. Many of you encouraged me to make more and better what resulted in collages that I hope you like. Unfortunatelly despite many good moments it's hard to call this whole year a great one. A very good collager and a friend of mine - :iconmegalover93: - was awefully attacked by some asshole, who had problem with his outstanding collages. Because one stupid person this website lost a very skilled man. Hopefully for us MegaLover is going to continue creating his art, but this time he'll upload them on Giantess Booru, so you can follow him there :)
It's important to avoid "dangerous" places here. For example non-giantess groups. It was a member or watcher of some group that MegaLover joined, who ruined his deviantart page. Also look out for brand new groups - they might be troyan horses! So be careful where you post your works!
On the other hand there are many non-giantess photomanipulators who instead of reporting all your works will give you help and advice :) I'm speaking about: :iconellysiumn:, :iconenchantedwhispersart: :iconthy-darkest-hour: and :iconaresgirl34:. It's worth visiting their pages - their art is stunning! Also if you want to develop your skills, it's best to ask them for critique.
But still collagers have to be careful. So it's better to not join groups that are connected with something completly different than giantesses! And it's better to avoid very "artistic" people here, who doesn't understand "deviant" word in the name of this website.
To prevent myself and in the future (I hope) other collagers, I plan to establish my own website or blog to post my works there. Some of them I have no other copies to and they are only posted here (my PC's HDD has burned over a year ago...). I'll inform you in a journal entry about progress of this small project and right now I invite you to visit my page once it's established :)
Back to deviantart - as you could see, I set up point commissions. I am very happy that so many of you wanted to support me! I think that in January or February I can establish a collaging contest :) For those of you, who doesn't want to post your works on deviantart, it'll be fine to send me a note with a link to your work posted somewhere else ;)
And last but not least - I am starting to write again. You my ask "again? You haven't posted any story here!". That's true. Because they are all in Polish, that most of you don't know. If there are anyone who would like to help me and translate those stories for me, I'll be happy to honour such person with points, free commissions and of course full credit for translation and link back to profile page/website :) I can't do it myself, because of working routine (see paragraph above) and well... I prefer to do something new for you than only translate ;)
Well, after all those announcements it's time for most important:
I'd like to wish you all my Watchers a wonderful New Year! Let your dreams come true and always dream big! Ginatesses are never small ^^
Best wishes!
Enjoy "small" new year's gift from me ^^ :
Mega Jordan Carver BE by ZituKX
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MegaLover93 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014
Happy new year my friend, I hope it brings only good things for all of us! The things that have happened to me here shouldn't be an influence. That already happened and there are more important things than that, life goes on!

You already know what I think about the great idea of a web creation, I would like to join if someday the proyect becomes reality and if you have any problems I might even try to help. A new safe forum for collagers, I think, would be another way to store all our works and could also be used to help us each other to improve our abilities or to be the cradle of new collagers.

Wow. Do you write stories too? I would like to read them, I think that you yourself can be your own translator your level of English is well above the average for non-native speakers, and speaking from experience, it would help to improve your level even more.
ZituKX Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy new year to you too! :) Life goes on, but I just can't pretend that nothing happened. You are one of best collagers and it's important what happens to you :) You have an impact on the community ;) Even if most of them are just lazy lurking fappers, still are there people who wants all the best for you ;)

Your help will be needed, but first I need to establish this project ;) Now I have more urgent things to do - survive ^^ Then I'll start website :)

Thank you very much :) Unfortunatly - as I wrote - I just don't have time for translating. I am already writing new story in English and making collages and it doesn't leave me any time for translating ^^ But I hope there will be someone willing to help :)
macromega Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013
What happened to MegaLover is frustrating. He was a winner in my Eve's Thieves Art Contest for a reason — his work is terrific. I hope he — and you — keep up the good work.
ZituKX Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
There is no other way but keep going :) But it's better to be aware of what we do here. This website is no longer deviant friendly :/ They make money on stupid teens that make their pages here full of glittery stuff and are happy to spend money on llamas ans premiums (because of more glittery). Artists and deviants are no longer welcomed here. It's a pity that creators are now destroying their efforts... Ah well, we can be here as long as possible and then change to somewhere else :)
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December 30, 2013