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Hello everyone!

For the really long time I was barely active here. If you would like to find out what I was going through, please see journal of our beloved Goddess:
Your Goddess will returnHello everyone! :kiss:
It has been a long time since I was active here. I missed you. I would like to start from saying thank you to everyone who used my stock and created so many fantastic artworks :hug: It made me really happy when I checked my notifications today :) Almost 30 artworks! What a surprise!
I have some good news for you all. I am getting rid of the biggest burden that was stopping me - next month I am moving to new place in much better area of the town! Finally I will leave all my nightmarish neighbours and be able to live my life without their loud parties, waking me up before down on weekends, I will no longer hear their fights, their children screaming (Nazguls from Lord of the Rings are quieter and not that disturbing) and hopefully I will be finally able to rest, restore my energy and get back to photomodelling. I am so much looking forward to it!
For these of you who do not know much about my situation: Last year in January I moved in to the flat on the first floor

She explains there reasons for her inactivity, but as you can imagine we share same problems, so due to having rubbish neighbours I was offline as well. Right now we are finishing our moving and we are preparing our new place. Luckily this time we only have one neighbour and property in located in a quiet area :) Few restful nights put me in a really good mood and I created like 20 collages ^^ Some of them were commissions and some are my ideas :) I hope you will like them ;) I am going to schedule them today.

I uploaded new Big and Bigger voting poll here:… Make sure you will take part ;)

Few changes are coming regarding requests and commissions, so stay turned ;)

That's all folks :)

Take care!

MorganAshley Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2017
Yay you came back, I did so miss your posts :)
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