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Hello! :)

I've found out that rules I created before are confusing and difficult to understand. That's why I write them again. I hope this time it'll be better and you will be happier with your requests/commissions :) I also added a widget on my page with those rules (below gallery widget), so you can easily find it :)


I'll begin with sizes, because it's very important. I see that same names for sizes are often understood differently. So I present how I understand each size:

Amazon Cassidy with short woman by lowerrider

Mini giantess
Mini giantess Taylor Swift by ZituKX

Building sized
Mega Scarlett Johansson (Apocalypse Set 2: 1 of 6) by ZituKX

Small mega
Mega Emilia Clarke (Apocalypse Set4: 1 of 6) by ZituKX

Mega Denise Milani (Apocalypse Set 4: 2 of 6) by ZituKX

Small giga
Giga Katy Perry (Apocalypse Set 4: 3 of 6) by ZituKX

Giga Beyonce (Apocalypse Set 4: 4 of 6) by ZituKX

Small Ultra
Ultra Jennifer Lawrence (Apocalypse Set4: 5 of 6) by ZituKX

Goddess Olivia Wilde (Apocalypse Set 4: 6 of 6) by ZituKX

Big Ultra
Ultra Katherine Jenkins + story from Awesomex18 by ZituKX

Omnigoddes Selena Gomez - please read description by ZituKX

I hope now we can better understand each other :)

Alright, once you know what size you want, it comes to the giantess itself. I'll present you variants from the cheapest to the most expensive so you'll know if you have to pay or how much exactly :) In brackets next to the price I'll put art trades that I'll accept instead of points :) Prices are per 1 collage. So collage of 3 giantesses is not the same as 3 collages of 1 giantess!
Point I'll earn from commissions will be used to establish a collaging contests as well as for extending my premium account.
Thank you in advance for all your support! :)

There are always 2 options: cheaper, where I choose a picture of your celeb and a bit more expensive where you send me a picture you want me to collage :) Please be aware that if picture you send me is in bad quality or has other thing that prevents it from being collaged, I'll ask you to send me other photo.

FOR FREE (0 :points:)
If you don't have points for commission, you can place a simple request :) It involves ONE celebrity from list below (keep in mind that this list can be extended. I don't know all celebs in the world. If your girl is not here, feel free to send me a note with question. I'll be happy to answer :) ).
- Amy Lee,
- Avril Lavigne,
- Beyonce,
- Charlize Theron,
- Denise Milani,
- Dita von Teese,
- Emma Watson,
- Gabriela Wilde,
- Gemma Arterton (not Atkinson!),
- Hayden Panettiere,
- Jessica Alba,
- Jordan Carver,
- Kate Upton,
- Katherine Jenkins,
- Katy Perry,
- Keira Knightly,
- Kelly Brook,
- Natalie Portman,
- Olivia Wilde,
- Scarlett Johansson,
- Selena Gomez,
- Shakira,
- Sharon den Adel,
- Taylor Swift.

Your giantess can be winged if you wish to :)

10 :points:
ONE giantess not listed above excluding:
- Ariana Grande,
- Ashley Tisdale,
- Debby Ryan,
- Kirsten Steward,
- Lily Collins,
- Miley Cyrus,
- Miranda Cosgrove,
- Nicky Minay,
- Sarah Jessica Parker.
(They are excluded, because they are more difficult to be found in outfits or poses I like. Due to bigger effort for me to find their photos and overall collaging, I increased a price for them)

15 :points:
TWO giantesses from FOR FREE section.

20 :points: [or short (about 1 A4 page) giantess story or BE morph]
I'll collage photo you choose of ANY ONE giantess.

30 :points: [or medium (about 2,5 A4 pages) giantess story or 2 BE morphs]
I'll collage photos you choose of ANY TWO giantesses.

45 :points:
ANY THREE giantesses.

60 :points: [or long (about 4 A4 pages) giantess story or 3 BE morphs]
THREE giantesses from photos you choose.
(If you want more giantesses on one pic, send me a note and we will agree a price :) )

100 :points:
Your own Apocalypse Set (6 pictures) of giantesses from FOR FREE section.

180 :points: [or very long and detailed (about 9 A4 pages) giantess story or 6 BE morphs]
Your own Apocalypse Set (6 pictures) of any giantesses.

300 :points:
Giantess with naked breasts.

500 :points:
Fully naked giantess.

800 :points:
Any PORN STAR (naked or not).

Additionally you can pay 20 :points: extra if you want a collage I make to be only yours (for example you want see your girlfriend as a giantess, but without publishing her image) :)

Also I am open for any art trades (not only those listed above, because you might value your works differently and we can set up any convenient exchange) :) You don't need to have as a trade giantess related art. If you want to make for me a drawing or fantasy collage or anything else but not connected with giantesses, just send me a note :) I'm fan of many other things than just giantesses ^^

Collaborations are also warmly welcomed! If you are a giantess writer who want to make a story with suitable pictures or a morph artist who wants to make a very busty/muscular giantess, feel free to send me a note :) On every collaboration I would like to put both – your and mine logo with full credit and link back, because it'll be a joint venture :)

In the end I just want to mention that I am (at last!) starting a job, so I'll have less time to make collages. But still I'll try to do them as fast as possible. Maybe they will not be every 2 days, but every 4 should be achievable :)

Take care everyone and once again thank you for all support, faves, watches and llamas! You are great! :D

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ZituKX Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Please, don't post request here ;) Send them by notes :)
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you can make a giantess by going here


ZituKX Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Please send me a note :)
JoshRogan1 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2013
building sized emma watson please :)
ZituKX Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Please send me a note :)
Mahier Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2013
Please d hayden panitierre small giga
ZituKX Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Please send me a note :)
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