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Hello everyone!

After long break from running my blog I decided to follow some advice I received and lunch another voting poll. This time with a little twist, so make sure you will read the rules ;) Basically you can limit your choices in exchange of giving them greater value ;)

:happybounce:Here is the link:…

Everyone is welcome to join and cast your vote on my blog :)

Good luck!

Hello everyone!
I decided to do a small contest.
Till Monday 09/07/18 23:59 London Time you can submit your ideas for a caption/name for the collage: Caption this.

Post your ideas in comment section of the collage

Best caption wins a free giantess commission. See rules in description of Caption this.
A Goddess to you is just a shoe cleaner to me by ZituKX

Hello everyone :)

Recently I got a couple of enquiries and orders, so I thought I would clear some things to avoid replying to same questions :)

1. Yes, I am happy to do paid commission for you

Recently I did a couple of paid orders for giantess collages. There are 2 ways to pay for your commission, which slightly differ in price:

$4 (excluding tax) cost commission for 1 giantess collage placed by my PATREON. It is best way for these of you who would like to get an artwork done every month ;)


£5 (it's GBP not USD. That's total amount) cost commission for 1 giantess collage placed by giving me Amazong gift card :)

IMPORTANT: before buying commission please make sure that I am actually able to make the collage for you.

It might happen that there will be no way to find or use good quality photograph of the lady you wish to see bigger.

Please note that I am not very happy to do :points:point commission anymore, however if this is the only way you can pay, we can agree some slightly higher fee and I should be OK with accepting such way of payment :)

If you are interested in more sophisticated commissions, please get in touch :) All money collected are added to my funds for new PC :)

2. I might be keen to do something for free

I am open for ONLY 2 types of free orders/requests:

For free you can request a giantess collage with Amarie-Tinuviel

For free you can request a recycled collage

Recycling works as follows: You ask me to use a model from one of my existing collages and put it for a background used in other one:
Necklaces of Power - Page9 by ZituKX +  Growing Goddess of Apocalypse 2 by ZituKX 
=  Maria in the city by ZituKX

Please note I might decline your request if I am too busy or if I don't like your idea. If you choose a very old collage for recycling, I might not have access to it's resources anymore. I used to use COREL instead of PHOTOSHOP and some time ago I lost my PC where I had COREL and all these collages in editable state.

3. I am at the moment too busy to take on any more art trades or collaborations.

I already work on one plus I still learn my online course for PHOTOSHOP. I might be happy to start new trade or collab only with people I did so in the past as we worked out good routine.


If you came here from Giantess City and you would like to place a request, please send me PRIVATE MESSAGE on Giantess City website

Hello everyone :)

I thought I will share few things about using Instagram from giantess collage creator’s point of view ;) Especially that I know from some of my friends that they are afraid of the reaction of the celebrities, whose photos they used in their artworks. Also I would like to tell a little bit about sharing your opinion over the Internet .

Let’s start by saying that (just as I thought) there is nothing to be afraid or ashamed of with creating tasteful giantess related artworks. Majority of celebrities are probably too busy to notice such works, but ones who do, have in most cases positive approach. They most often like the artwork :)

Untitled by ZituKXUntitled by ZituKXUntitled by ZituKX

or notice in in other way

Untitled by ZituKX

The most unexpected and very joyful event for me was when my favorite singer Elize Ryd added me to her following list and also liked one of my artworks:

Untitled by ZituKXUntitled by ZituKX

The only negative thing I experienced was that after I published my collage with Emily Sears, she has blocked me. Well, she could have sent me a message saying that she does not like using her image this way, but anyway I got the point and I respect her. Therefore I removed her collage from my Instagram as well as from Deviantart. I also strongly advise to NOT collage Emily Sears as she probably does not like being presented this way.

Respectful use of someone's image

Still I think it wasn't the end of the world. Some celebs liked my creations, I made one laugh and the other slightly upset while the vast majority just don't care. I think that's because I have nothing to be ashamed of. When I create a giantess collage I focus on making the model look as divine as possible (unless I use a stock done specifically for submissive poses, but this is still using the image as accepted by its creator). To me that's the key - being respectful. So if you think that some celebrity, whose image you used, might not like your creation, ask yourself if it's OK to publish it in the first place. Because as far as I found out, they won't mind the giantess aspect. One might say that this is connected with an erotic theme. But so are lingerie shots, aren't they? And by the same logic, you might have a photographer, who will present such (un)dressed lady as a pinnacle of femininity, while someone else could present same model in something tasteless and skimpy just for the sake of showing her naked body and treating her just as a bag of nicely looking meat. Same goes for giantess collages in my opinion. Why should any celebrity be upset by such artwork? If you don't remove her dignity, she will most likely be OK with it (unless it's Emily ;)). So guys, don't be ashamed of your fantasy :) The only thing you can be ashamed of would be to be disrespectful.

Sharing opinions

This leads to the next part of this entry and was inspired by one more amazing event that took place on Instagram. I felt very honoured that Elize Ryd found time to reply to my messages regarding one of her posts. This lady, member of a band I admire and love, actually is an open and kindhearted person who cares for others. It is not that I thought otherwise before, but now I experienced that. It might be daft, but to me stage was always creating some sort of a barrier and people giving a show seemed to me to be like an inaccessible demigods. But they are actually human. And there is a lot more to admire and like them for than just the beautiful music they create. This experience led me to a thought I would like to share with you.

You see all celebrities are human beings. Whoah, so much knowledge! However some people seem to forget that when they post their comments on the Internet. Especially on YouTube.

Elize is a member of Amaranthe band. They create a music, which genre is to me a bit difficult to identify. It's somewhere between Metal, Techno and Pop. To me it's very enjoyable and I like their creativity and mix&matching various styles. But to many "trU" metalheads they are the worst band ever and they say so using very bad words. Even some use their name as an insult when commenting other creators. When I see such nasty comments there is just one question in my head: "why?".
Nobody wants an opinion unless they ask for it, so why so many people share their point of view publicly? Especially when it's negative. Of course, I share my opinions on some subjects too, but I do so on MY page. Plus I don't insult anyone. My thought was that maybe other people feel the way as I did about the stage being a barrier and performers to be some sort of inhuman beings. But truth is that they are as human as we are and they have their feelings. Rude comments are abusive. It's completely different when for example you hear someone swearing or being intolerant. Then sure, express your opinion, which is shared as a proper behavior in our culture, and let such creator know that they do wrong. Also, if you see that someone does things in a wrong technical way (video is not synced, their voice misses the music, they play poorly, etc.) write to them a PRIVATE message and share politely your feedback. Not opinion, but an honest feedback where you can outline what in our opinion could have been done better. This would be a useful critique, which can help such artist develop. And in case you are wrong, at least you won't make yourself look like a moron on the Internet.

Let's put it simply: if you don't like a song/film/book etc, but it's harmless, just ignore it. Don't talk trash about other people no matter how famous they are. I think the best to summarize this is this XKCD comics:


Apocalypse Set

Last, but not least. I finally had some free time and actually I finished the Apocalypse Set for my blog :) Thanks a lot everyone who took part :) There is another short poll going on the same entry where new collages are: >>>HERE<<<. Don't worry, I will soon upload these collages in full resolution to deviantart too :) I just don't want to mess up the queue I set up.

Have a good day everyone :)
Hello everyone!

I hope you guys are doing fine :)

Explanation. If you don't give a dime about myself, feel free to ignore this bit

I decided that making giantess collages became too absorbing for me in a way I do them now. As you can see I am uploading 1 collage every second day. Creating them is really enjoyable and it's my main hobby at the moment. Point is that I think I achieved maximum of what I possibly could. At least by trial and error. Few months ago I received an access to an online learning course of Photoshop and I would like to devote my collaging time to learning how to unleash bigger potential of this program and to enhance my skills. Especially that I didn't even start it... Since forever my dream was to create not only giantess collages, but also fantasy ones with a femdom twist like powerful amazons, spell casters, mind control mistresses or goddesses. I have no idea if I will ever be able to create such pieces, but I want to try. Therefore I need to unlock my time and focus on this first.

If miraculously I will be able to make femdom fantasy collages, I might open another account on deviantart :)

What's going to happen to this profile

I am going to slowly increase the space between each collage. Now it's going to be every third day. Soon it will get increased to every 4th and 5th day. I hope to settle somewhere between uploading 1 collage every 5 to 7 days. Occasionally it will be a bit more often ;)

How about Big and Bigger or Patreon commissions?

Of course I will find time for these activities, so if you commission me, I will do artworks for you and first I will share them with you privately and then I will schedule them on my account :) Big and Bigger issues will be coming regularly (maybe once a week or once a fortnight) and they will probably be my main activity on the profile :) However if I get much more free time (probably during June and July) I will be posting more often.

New thing!

I was encouraged by my dear Goddess Amarie-Tinuviel to open and Instagram account. I am going to share there collages I already did and maybe in the future I will post there some extra stuff too :) I hope my presence there will stop or at least reduce the number of art-theft happening there. Every second Instagram "goddess" has some collage done by me and claiming what they would do if they were the model on the collage... Sadly they never credit me nor the model. Oh well, now I will be there and I will be watching them ;P
If you are interested, here is the link:

Just few more days left ;) Make sure you took part! :)

UPDATE: I noticed I made a mistake in deadline. Correct one is 05.04.2018 so there is still plenty of time to vote :) At the moment I have 23 followers, so there will be 3 winners. The more of you follow me, the more ladies will get collaged :) Keep well everyone!

Title says it all :) I hope you missed Apocalypse Sets. If you watch me just for few months, look below to find out how such set looks like:

Red Coffee's and ZituKX's Apocalypse Set 1/7 by ZituKX Red Coffee's and ZituKX's Apocalypse Set 2/7 by ZituKX Red Coffee's and ZituKX's Apocalypse Set 3/7 by ZituKX Red Coffee's and ZituKX's Apocalypse Set 4/7 by ZituKX Where is Daisy? by ZituKX Red Coffee's and ZituKX's Apocalypse Set 5/7 by ZituKX Red Coffee's and ZituKX's Apocalypse Set 6/7 by ZituKX
Red Coffee's and ZituKX's Apocalypse Set 7/7 by ZituKX

You can cast your vote HERE:…

Hello there!

I am sorry for being a bit silent recently. I was occupied with my cooperation with :iconcorruptionwriter: - an amazing story he wrote based on my silly comics series I did last year. As a part of saying thank you to him I upgraded all collages that were part of the original series plus I did few more to picture Corruptionwirter's ideas. I hope you will enjoy the result of it ;)

Soon I will resume standard work schedule. I have one collage for Big and Bigger to make plus there is a commission awaiting me ;)

Take care everyone! :wave:

Necklaces of Power by Corruptionwriter by ZituKX
Hello there!

First of all I would like to thank :iconmorganashley: for her kind short message on my blog, :iconamarie-tinuviel: for constantly supporting me and to :iconcorruptionwriter: who despite my lack of replies and encouragement keeps on writing his fantastic story inspired by my collages. Thank you guys for being awesome :hug:

To be honest the main reason for not being creative is a lack of proper PC at home. I can only use my computer at work for that. December was too challenging for me and working for 10 or more hours a day made me willing to just have a rest instead of spending even more time in my shop. Now, since first week of January I am ill and I cannot go to work, so I am unable to do collages as well...

I have saved a little. Soon I am going to the PC shop to find out where my money can take me, but as I checked online, probably not very far, but maybe I will be able to have little something :) If you would like to support me, here is my Patreon: .

Regarding Patreon. I have two commissions waiting for me to be done. :iconjohnn8778: has 2 collages to be made for him and one more person is waiting for a growth fight between Jordan Carver and Denise Milani. I hope to start both projects next week as now I am ill at home. Also I am very grateful for the support as this money will be included to my PC funds :)

I hope to also reactivate my game on my blog. I will check who has won and I will set up new poll.

I would like to thank everyone who is supporting me, watching me and commenting my works. It was so nice when I logged in today to see well over a thousand feedback notifications and dozens of comments. That means a lot to me :)

I should go back to collaging next week unless my illness prolongs. It's just a flu, but a persistent one :(

Take care everyone!

Hi everyone,

I am sorry I was not active here. Last couple of weeks were quite difficult for me as I had bad health problem. Now things are becoming a bit better and as you can see I got back a bit to collaging. I just did college based on the poll on my blog and opened new poll here:… I would love to see many of you participating there :)

Also thanks everyone for kind comments and messages. Much appreciated :) I will do my best to answer as many as possible :)

Take care guys!

Hello everyone!

Thank you for participating in June's Big and Bigger 4 :) Here is the result and new voting poll :) I am looking forward to seeing your votes! :)…

Hello everyone :)

New poll is now open on my blog:…

Everyone is welcome to take part and vote for your favourite celebs to see them grow ;)

Sidenote: from now on I am changing from daily updates to one collage every second day ;)


Hello everyone!

For the really long time I was barely active here. If you would like to find out what I was going through, please see journal of our beloved Goddess:
Your Goddess will returnHello everyone! :kiss:
It has been a long time since I was active here. I missed you. I would like to start from saying thank you to everyone who used my stock and created so many fantastic artworks :hug: It made me really happy when I checked my notifications today :) Almost 30 artworks! What a surprise!
I have some good news for you all. I am getting rid of the biggest burden that was stopping me - next month I am moving to new place in much better area of the town! Finally I will leave all my nightmarish neighbours and be able to live my life without their loud parties, waking me up before down on weekends, I will no longer hear their fights, their children screaming (Nazguls from Lord of the Rings are quieter and not that disturbing) and hopefully I will be finally able to rest, restore my energy and get back to photomodelling. I am so much looking forward to it!
For these of you who do not know much about my situation: Last year in January I moved in to the flat on the first floor

She explains there reasons for her inactivity, but as you can imagine we share same problems, so due to having rubbish neighbours I was offline as well. Right now we are finishing our moving and we are preparing our new place. Luckily this time we only have one neighbour and property in located in a quiet area :) Few restful nights put me in a really good mood and I created like 20 collages ^^ Some of them were commissions and some are my ideas :) I hope you will like them ;) I am going to schedule them today.

I uploaded new Big and Bigger voting poll here:… Make sure you will take part ;)

Few changes are coming regarding requests and commissions, so stay turned ;)

That's all folks :)

Take care!

Hi guys!

I am heading towards 1000 watchers mark. This deserves something special. I am preparing a set that hopefully will be a good way of celebrating such milestone. Get ready! Someone is about to get really huge and destructive! :D First collage will be upload after I actually get that 1000th person to press +watch button ;)

Thanks everyone for the support!

Hello everyone!

Some news for you:
  1. Some of you were asking me about works from Apocalypse Set. I have good news - it's almost finished :) :iconredcoffee1: is now working on final collage with Denise Milani and once he creates it, I will schedule all collages of this set, so you should see first one in early February, because I am still uploading set with Bianca.
    Unless you would like me to mix them, so in other words I will upload collage from set with Bianca one time and next time I will publish work from Apocalypse Set and on the following time one with Bianca and so on... What is better? Mixing or uploading Bianca first and then publishing one by one works from Apocalypse Set? Let me know in comments below :)
  2. I lunched 2 new websites: PATREON and WORDPRESS.
    1. On Patreon you can commission me. I am saving for the new PC to make more collages and I think some of you might be keen to support me in exchange for giantess collages of your favourite celebs ;)
    2. On my Wordpress page I am having right now a Beauty Contest for a collage of two celebrities one larger than the other ;) Event is called "Big and bigger" - I am creative with names, aren't I?
      Take a look:… and don't forget to take part!
  3. On my schedule list there are also 2 collages of Jessica Nigri, 1 of Maria Amanda and a couple of other one that were commissioned by a female member of our community ;) I will upload them sometime in February :)
That's all folks! If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a note or write to me from my Wordpress website.


I would like to thank everyone who showed me support recently :hug: You guys are the best :)

Also I received a lot of birthday wishes :) Thanks to :iconcorruptionwriter::iconsolbadguy93::iconjassysart::icondarkshadow278::iconstargiantproductions::iconmainthegap: and :iconredcoffee1: :) It's so kind of you that you remembered about me :)

How do you think: should I do another Beauty Contest for Apocalypse Set or maybe you would like something else connected with choosing the most popular celebrities? :) Any thoughts? Write them in the comments ;)

Take care folks!
I just want to let know my friends and watchers that I am getting back on track. Slowly I am overcoming my depression and soon I will be posting new works. First will be ones connected with beauty contest. Then paid commission from :iconmuppets2: (I am sorry pal you had to wait so long). Long story short I was feeling so depressed that I had to take a rest from deviantart to sort myself out.

I recently finished my story:
Necklaces of Power - cover by ZituKX
where Amarie and Maria were fighting for supremacy. I am aware that the story I wrote to accompany collages isn't great. Therefore here is a deal ;)

If you are keen to write a proper story (at least 6 A4 pages) to go with my collages, I will create an apocalypse set or growth fight of 8 collages featuring any celebs you choose that have collagable photographs. Please send me a note to discuss it BEFORE you start writing.

I added buttons to navigate from one page to another, so now reading should be more convenient :)

Take care!


Today I uploaded last work of the set. I know that some of you might not like red reference boxes and lines that shows where much smaller giantess could have been found, if only she wasn't so small ^^ Therefore I added a Premium Content with collages that have those reference boxes removed :) They are 50:points: each :)

You can find all works below:
Apocalypse set July 2015 (1/8) Ariana Grande by ZituKX
Apocalypse set July 2015 (2/8) Selena Gomez by ZituKX
Apocalypse set July 2015 (3/8) Kim Kardashian by ZituKX
Apocalypse set July 2015 (4/8) Victoria Justice by ZituKX
Apocalypse set July 2015 (5/8) Kate Upton by ZituKX
Apocalypse set July 2015 (6/8) Emma Watson by ZituKX
Apocalypse set July 2015 (7/8) Bella Thorne by ZituKX
Apocalypse set July 2015 (8/8) Taylor Swift by ZituKX

Thank you very much for participating! :)

There were so many votes that there will be 8 giantesses! And here are the winners:

Taylor Swift 24
Bella Throne 17
Emma Watson 15
Kate Upton 12
Victoria Justice 12
Kim Kardashian 12
Selena Gomez 10
Ariana Grande 10

I should upload first collage of the set within next few days :)

All the best!


Hi there!

Recently I realised that I hit 100'000 page views! Well, I think that first thing to do as a celebration will be responding to all your kind comments I got over last 2 months. I was very busy and I rarely got time for collaging or being on Deviantart at all, however recently I manage to get more free time and I know how to use it ;) I think that it's the time to reactivate your favourite game here:

100'000 views BEAUTY CONTEST! - results by ZituKX
You can vote using the deviation above :)

So well, I think that's it :) If you have any questions feel free to ask them here or by note :)