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That's my first giant couples collage ^^ If you take a closer look it's a man she is trampling ^^ Anyway I hope you will like it ;)…

Check out my PATREON and WORDPRESS  blog :) (Smile)

uvwxyz Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2017
What a great collage and I love the narrative to go with wasn't just the road that cracked as Kim and Jenni, who had put her boots back on again, strolled and trampled their way to the next big was going to be fun...........
xwf1000 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2017
I wonder who the small Giantess is?
SexyJessica69 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
A man driving down the road in the desert sees a person on the side.  She looks she is hitchhiking.  As he got closer he noticed something odd.  She got taller.  He pulls over and gets out.  The woman walks up to him.

"Hi, I'm Kim.  Don't you look so cute.  Your so small."

"What!?  But how?"  he asked

"Don't worry about that.  Oh, you look so cute, I want to pick you up."  she told him

"What!?  NO!!!  Get away from me freak."  He said as he headed back to his car.

She caught up fast.  She picked his car up and crushed with her hands.  Then tossed it over her shoulder.  The man started to run away from her, and she just laughed.

"You think you can out run me?  Come back here, I going to crush you, like I did to your car."  She said in anger

Did not take long to catch up with him.  He turned to look back and saw how close she was, and tripped on a rock.  He fell down and looked up.

"I'm sorry, please, I'm sorry, don't hurt me." he cried.

"Too late." she said as she lifted her left foot.

CRUNCH!!! She stepped on the guy and rubbed her shoe.  She then lifted her boot again and stepped down one more time.  BOOM!!!  A thunderous sound echoed in the sky.  She was taken back.  Then looked up and saw a colossal sized woman stepping down on the mountains.  The giant woman flatten it with ease.  She stopped walking and stood for while, looking around.  Then noticed Kim on the road.  She bent down to get a better look.

"Hey there shorty, how are you?"  The giant said to Kim

"I...I...Fine."  Kim said scared for her life.

"Oh, don't worry, I won't hurt you.  In fact, why not join me."  the giant said

With that, the giant woman stood back up and pointed her finger at Kim.  She grew to the same size.

"Welcome to the club, My name is Jenni."  She said to Kim

"I'm Kim.  Nice to meet you."  Kim replied

"Let's say you and I go find some men to play with."  Jenni said to Kim

They walked off to the nearest town to have some fun.
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