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Autumn 2016 Beauty Contest by ZituKX Autumn 2016 Beauty Contest by ZituKX
It's time for another round Ladies and Gentlemen ;) Chose celebrities you love the most and see them grow! ;P

Right Arrow Just take a look at rules below. I changed them a little bit ;) Changes are marked with arrows :)Left Arrow 

Original deviation used as background:
We are just a speck... by ZituKX 


(§1) How to vote

1) Choose 5 (FIVE) ladies you like the most.Left Arrow 
I need them to have plenty of photos to choose from, so make sure they are celebrities, singers, models or are very popular so they photos will be easy to find. Please note that porn stars will be ignored.

2) In the comment section below write names of selected ladies beginning with capital letters and in separate lines, just like this example:

Amarie Tinuviel
Natalie Portman
Denise Milani
Taylor Swift
Jordan Carver

Writing it using this format will make it easier and faster for me to count your votes :) (Smile)

If somebody chose more than 5 girls, I'll count in first 5 names starting from the top.

3) Right Arrow NEW POINT If you haven't did so already, add me to your watch list ;)

4) Right Arrow NEW POINT Add this deviation to your favourites.

5) Right Arrow NEW POINT If you haven't did so already, add following artworks to your favourites: ( Oh yes, I couldn't fight off the temptation to harvest some likes ;P Well, on the other hand side I allow now to vote for more ladies and changed thresholds in point below to make it easier to collage more models this time :) )
Ultra Kat Dennings by ZituKXAmarie Tinuviel - Gothic Goddess of the Universe by ZituKXDemonic Goddess Sharon den Adel by ZituKXGothic Goddess removes us from her domain... by ZituKX

(§2) Number of giantesses

The more of you take part the more giantesses there will be:

20 or less voters: 4 giantesses
21 to 35 voters: 5 giantessesLeft Arrow 
36 to 50 voters: 6 giantesses
51 to 75 voters: 7 giantessesLeft Arrow 
76 to 100 voters: 8 giantesses
100+ voters: 10 giantesses

(§3) Winners

Lady, whose name will appear most often, will be the biggest, second popular will be second biggest and so on. If 2 or more women receives same amount of votes it will be up to myself who of them will be bigger and who smaller.

If I had a problem with getting a suitable picture of a girl, I will have to replace her with next most popular one. Her name will be added to list in point 5 below to let you next time cast your vote on someone else :)

(§4) Who can vote

You can vote only if you created your account at least 3 MONTHS AGO! If you are new to Deviant Art, just send me a note with request for participation in this contest. I will verify your account and most likely let you take part. This point is put here only to prevent some people to create fake accounts to cast more votes than they are entitled to.
Also you need to be my watcher and have a certain set of my artworks in your favourites gallery. See point 1 for details.

(§5) Right Arrow (NEW POINT) Excluded ladies

Recently I was commissioned by :icontangle-giantess: and his choice of ladies made me realise that some of celebrities you voted on before have very few or none collagable photographs. I am wasting a lot of time that I could have spent on actual making artworks to browse the web looking for photos and I simply cannot go for that again. Therefore I began below a list of ladies I am unfortunately unable to collage. If you chose any of them, I will ask you to change your choice.

Nicky Minaj
Kendra LaChon
Sarah Shahi

(§6) Deadline

I will end this list on 25.09.2016 (SUNDAY) 23:59 p.m. (GMT - London time). Result will be published within next few days. Any votes submitted after deadline will be ignored.

Good luck with your votes!




Winners are in bold :) Because there are a lot of ties in here, I will decide later which celebrity will receive suitable place ;) Stay turned!

Margot Robbie 18

Scarlett Johansson 18

Jordan Carver 15

Katy Perry 15

Sophie Turner 15

Taylor Swift 15

Ariana Grande 14

Bella Thorne 13

Denise Milani 13

Emma Watson 12

Amarie Tinuviel 9
Jennifer Lawrence 9

Kate Upton 7
Victoria Justice 7

Barbara Palvin 6
Daisy Ridley 6

Beyonce 5

Brenda Song 5

Cara Delevingne 5

Natalie Dormer 5

Selena Gomez 5

Zendaya 5

Chloe Moretz 4

Emilia Clarke 3

Kat Dennings 3

Rihanna 3

Candice Swanepoel 2
Charlize Theron 2
Elizabeth Olsen 2
Lzzy Hale 2
Maria Amanda 2
Mila Kunis 2

Natalie Portman 2

Olivia Wilde 2

Sarah Hyland 2
Shakira 2

Abigail Ratchford 1

Adriana Lima 1

Alessandra Ambrosio 1

Amanda Cerny1

Ashley Jenkins 1

Ashley Tisdale 1

Aubrey Plaza 1

Avril Lavigne 1

Bella Hadid 1

Bridgit Mendler 1

Dinah Jane Hansen 1

Elizabeth Gillies 1

Eva Green 1

Halle Berry 1

Jessica Alba 1

Karen Gillan 1

Kelli Berglund 1

Kim Kardashian 1

Lauren Cohan 1

Lauren Jauregui 1

Maria Sharapova 1

Maya Moore 1

Meg Turney 1

Megan Fox 1

Peyton List 1

Priyanka Chopra 1

Queen Latifah 1

Sophia Vergara 1

Vanessa Hudgenss 1

Yulia Viktorovna Vins 1

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September 12, 2016
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